Rock band Queen to be on Czech beer label
June 26, 2015

Rock band Queen to be on Czech beer label

Hoppy Pilsner will mark the 40th anniversary of album that launched ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Classic rock band Queen, known for the song “Bohemian Rhapsody,” will soon have another Czech connection. The band is launching a beer that is to be made at the Protivín brewery in South Bohemia, part of the Pivovary Lobkowicz Group.

It will be a Pilsner-style beer with a distinctive hop flavor, daily Blesk reported, citing Lobkowicz Group spokeswoman Renata Melíšková.

The label is to feature designs from the band’s A Night at the Opera album cover, which was based on a crest designed by former band frontman Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991 at the age of 45.

The album was released Nov. 21, 1975, and the beer coincides with the 40th anniversary.

Protivín brewmaster Michal Voldřich is a fan of the band’s music.

“When I was little, the band Queen was my favorite band, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to produce beer for them. It’s fantastic. I would like to meet with them personally,” he was quoted as saying in Blesk.

A case of 12 bottles of the beer will go for $31, according to the report. Sales will start in Europe and expand from their.

The album A Night at the Opera is on multiple lists as one of the best of all time and is triple platinum in the US. It was also the most expensive rock album produced up to its time.

In total over their career, the band has sold more than 300 million albums and is amon the top 10 bestselling recorded acts of all time, according to a Queen press release.

Aside from “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it has the songs “You’re My Best Friend” and “I’m in Love with My Car.”

This is not the first time Queen has babbled in alcohol. They released a vodka called Killer Queen in 2014 on the 40th anniversary of that song. The vodka was made in Latvia. According to a press release at the time, vodka was Mercury’s favorite drink.

Several other bands have also had their own beers. Kiss was behind Destroyer beer, named after one of their most successful albums. Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, GWAR, Sepultura, AC/DC and Motörhead have also had their own beers.

Since Mercury’s death, the band Queen has continued to perform from time to time, most recently with Adam Lambert as the new singer. The group was last in Prague on Feb. 17, 2015. The band also appeared in Prague in 2008 with Paul Rodgers as the frontman.

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