Czech doctors: Moravian wine helps erectile dysfunction

Czech doctors: Moravian wine helps erectile dysfunction

November 13, 2014

Právo reports red wine helps stimulate blood circulation in diabetics

Prague, Nov 13 (ČTK) — Moderate drinking of red wine containing the resveratrol antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation may help diabetics who suffer from erectile dysfunction, daily Právo writes today, citing experts who attended a reproductive medicine conference held in Brno these days.

About 400,000 men suffer from diabetes in the 10.5-million Czech Republic, while up to 360,000 of them (90 percent) have erection problems, Právo writes.

Czech diabetologists and sexologists recommend regular, but moderate drinking of Moravian red wine with a high resveratrol content to these patients, the paper says.

Some Moravian wine makers have already started to focus on the production of such wine, which requires a higher time of grape pressing. Thanks to the content of resveratrol beneficial to health it can be sold in pharmacies, too.

“This antioxidant improves the endothelium of blood vessels [the thin layer of cells that lines their interior surface], that is their interior protection. The endothelium has many important functions, including an improvement in the blood flow. The experiments carried out mainly on animals show that red wine has a clearly stimulating effect on the cells of the cavernous bodies in the penis,” Michal Pohanka, head doctor of the Sexological Institute of the First Medicine Faculty of Prague’s Charles University, told Právo.

A moderate daily dose of red wine for men is between two and four deciliters a day, he added.

Právo writes that erection problems of diabetic patients are caused by an insufficient blood circulation in tissues as well as the medicines attenuating the illness’s symptoms and the patients’ unhealthy regime.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction can help diagnose diabetes in its early stage since it is one of its first symptoms, Právo adds.

Miroslav Souček, head doctor of the Brno-based St Ann Hospital, praises the positive effect of resveratrol on other complications accompanying diabetes as well.

“A world research focused on the effect of the substance contained in wine proves that its temperate drinking lowers the risk of inherited diabetes development by 60 percent compared to abstinents,” Souček told Právo.

In addition, the consumption of dry wine with low sugar content improves the prognosis diabetic patients and lowers its incidence alone as well as the incidence and development of atherosclerosis and even heart effect, Souček said.

Diabetics make up one-third of heart attack patients, he noted.

Doctors from the reproductive medicine section of the Czech Gynecological and Obstetrical Society also praised the positive effects of resveratrol. According to studies, some wine with a high content of this antioxidant may help women become pregnant, they say.

This is why they recommended selling wine with its high content in pharmacies a year ago, Právo writes.

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