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Top 5 Latin bars in Prague
February 27, 2014

Prague’s Top 5 Latin Bars

If you know where to look it is easy to get something aside from the ubiquitous guláš or pasta

You might think that a night out in Prague is all about the deliciously and locally brewed beer… and you’re not wrong there. But believe it or not, there’s also a little Latin corner to be found here, right in the center of Europe. From Mexican cantinas to Cuban cafes and Spanish wine bars, the Latino spirit is undeniably alive and kicking in the middle of Prague. Here are the best places to experience it. ¡Ole!

Újezd 38, Prague 1

For the best margaritas in Prague, there’s only one name in town: Cantina. This Latino heaven is home to huge dishes of delicious Mexican favorites from burritos and enchiladas to quesadillas, chimichangas and fajitas. With a whole host of delectable cocktails to wash it all down with and its very own tequila menu, Cantina is the place to head to get la fiesta started. Hugely popular and always busy, it might be worth booking a table beforehand – or you could just enjoy the bar while you wait.

Latin Art Café
Jánský vršek 2, Prague 1

Prague’s Latin Art Café is the home of impressive live music jam sessions every night of the week, blending Cuban, Brazilian and Colombian vibes with endless chances to show off your best salsa and sambaing moves. Get those feet tapping and hips swaying because this is the kind of place you can easily find yourself dancing the night away in – just knock back a few of Latin Art Café’s delightful mojitos first and it’ll do wonders for your confidence on the dance floor.

La Casa Blů
Kozí 15, Prague 1

If you’re after an authentically lively and unbeatably buzzing Hispanic bar in the heart of Prague, look no further than La Casa Blů. Since the bar is owned by a native Chilean named Jorge and is largely staffed by speakers of español, it’s the perfect place to practice your Spanish over a piña colada or two – you’ll soon find out if you’re budding linguist or not. With great music, great food and an even better cocktail menu, what more do you need for an unforgettable evening of South America’s finest fare.

El Mojito
Dlouha 31, OldTown, Prague 1

With its colorful charm and holiday feel, El Mojito is like a slice of sunshine transported right out of the south of Spain. The menu boasts more than 300 cocktails, including 25 different mojitos alone – so you’ll never get bored of choosing your new favorite. Enjoy one of these beautifully blended and artistically mixed drinks, full of fresh fruit and exotic flavors, and sit back whilst Latin tunes gently blast over the airwaves. This is a carefree and funky place to head to catch up with friends and what’s more, the sangria is hands down, the best in town.

La Rosa Negra
Vodičkova 30, Prague 1

Although small in size, La Rosa Negra undeniably packs in a lot of punch. This salsa-heavy Latin dance club is the toast of the town and is located only a few minutes from Wenceslas Square, one of Prague’s most impressive locations. Don’t worry if you’re not a salsa aficionado, this is the kind of place that encourages anyone to get up on the dance floor and give it a go. Just let yourself give in to the exotic rhythm and have a good time, with no judgment involved – and if you’re thirsty after all that dancing, there’s a huge cocktail bar waiting for you.

BONUS TIP: Fans of Bohemia Bagel in Masna street might have noticed the 24-hour burrito stand in what used to be the internet cafe portion of Bo’ Bagels, but the late night and day time popularity of the concept has seen the rest of the Bohemia Bagels restaurant converted over to a latino comida joint. Run by the same team, the place promises to serve up the most authentic Amero-Mex dining experience in town… so check them out!

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Josie is a travel and lifestyle writer currently based in London. She loves coffee, cinema and writing about her travel adventures. You’ll find her exploring Prague’s best hotels and writing about her experiences of the city for Expedia.

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