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Exhibition: Designblok 2014

Festival of design and fashion expands to several venues across the city

The 16th year of Designblok (the visual for the 16th year shows a stag with sixteen tines) with Childhood as its main theme will be held from Oct. 6–12. Curators Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek encourage visitors to play, use their imagination and be open to new experiences.

Visitors can look forward to many new experiences at the biggest festival of design in Central Europe because there will be over one hundred participants from abroad. Thus, top Czech designers will play on an international field with the home advantage.

Designers and brands will not only exhibit their products but many of them will also be presenting their collections as world premieres, which is one of the key aspects of Designblok. Big stars from abroad such as Ineke Hans, Gijs Bakker, Ferruccio Laviani and Tjep will be accompanied by a range of great designers from Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Spain and many other countries.

Moreover, Designblok includes the youngest generation with the Diploma Selection international competition in which 27 of the best European graduate students will present their work.

If you are interested primarily in new products from the field of interior design – furniture, lights, accessories from renowned international brands – go to the Superstudio Evropa. Fifty prestigious brands will be waiting for you in the former Grandhotel Šroubek. Czech producers will compete with the best from abroad. Cappellini, Tom Dixon, Moooi, Hay, Artemide, Ikea PS versus Brokis, Křehký, Bomma, Kavalier Glass and Preciosa. Plus, prominent Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani will open the post office he designed for the producer of Veuve Clicquot champagne. In any case, if you are furnishing an apartment or office, start the tour in the Superstudio Evropa.

If you want to play as much as possible at Designblok, we recommend going to the Superstudio HRA (GAME) in the former primary school on Mikulandská street. You will be welcomed by a tree installation in a linden tree top designed by Maxim Velčovský for Vitra.

The central Designblok exhibition will be located in the Superstudio HRA which also has an international context.T he exhibition was made by a board of curators consisting of Austrian curator Tulga Beyerle, who founded Design Week in Vienna; Agnieszka Jacobson, who founded the design festival in Lodz; and Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek from Designblok. Six designers – Ola Mirecka, Dechem and Michal Bačák, Bartosz Mucha, Julia Landsiedel, Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus plus Languet Bertille – were asked to design interactive installations on the theme of GAME.

The exhibition is for all those who still remember how to play. You will be able to relax at a resting place called the Dílna (Workshop) designed by Veronika Jiroušková and Lenka Míková where you will have an opportunity to practice DIY to your heart’s content.

This Designblok will present a novelty in the form of a salon for amateur design with a display of works by amateur designers from all over the Czech Republic.

If you would like to meet designers in person or buy products directly from them, go to the Openstudio in the House at the Minute in the Old Town Square located opposite the astronomical clock. There will be over one hundred designers from the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Spain and other countries. Dechem, Rozbíjím se, Janja Prokič, Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus plus Hidden Factory will present their latest collections next to the Stockholm-based DMOCH, the Kosmos Projekt from Poland, Kristian Kowalski plus Kraus and Saskia Diez from Germany.

The Arthouse in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace located close to the Charles Bridge will be open for projects on the cusp between art and design for the second time in the history of Designblok. Dutch star Ineke Hans will present the toadstool collection of glass products designed for Czech producer Křehký; Eva Eisler will present the lights designed for Preciosa; Jakub Berdych will display the Robot made from glass and Gijs Bakker, who founded the legendary Droog Design, will exhibit his jewelry collection and a collection of contemporary jewelry designed for chi.. ha.. paura…?.

The auction of 20th century design pieces will take place in the Openstudio on Sunday. Among the key Openstudio events, you will find presentations by De Form, Tadeáš Podracký and Markéta Kratochvílová, Zorya plus Chanel by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus. The ballroom will be occupied by Frank Tjepkema and his studio Tjep who will premiere the Bronze Age collection. Even though the collection is based on the classic furniture terminology, it focuses on cultural, environmental and conceptual themes.

If you are most interested in fashion, go see the Fashion Stage in the Church of St. Simon and St. Jude. Almost half of the forty fashion and jewelry designers who will present their work at Designblok are from abroad. We would also like to highlight Czech fashion which Designblok has supported in its international context on a long-term basis.

In addition to the Antwerp-based brand Lena Lumelsky, we would like to note Bastian Visch in the Diploma Selection project who has won the Lichting – a prestigious Dutch competition. Friday night is reserved for top Czech fashion designers Monika Drápalová, Hana Zárubová and Pavel Brejcha. On Saturday, more than twenty young fashion designers from all over Europe will present their work on the catwalk. Moreover, Designblok is interlaced with fashion and jewelry installations. We recommend Swarovski, Janja Prokic, Zorya and Gijs Bakker.

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