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January 14, 2019

How to Choose the Right Colored Lens

Wearing colored contact lenses is always fun as they can enhance your appearance by changing your eye shade. However, the hardest part is picking the best color that will compliment you. Contact lenses are popular among people for various reasons. Some find it more comfortable than eyeglasses and some consider it just a fashion element. While contact lenses have always been a superior choice than glasses regarding fashion and comfort level, picking a pair is not that easy. There are numerous factors to be considered before choosing. Similar to buying other medical devices, you should pay utmost care for purchasing the contact lens. You may check out the Anesthesia Addict collection for stylish and quality products. In recent years, two-tone and three-tone contact lenses have also become popular, but you ought to talk with your doctor before choosing a specific type.

Colored contact lenses have different effects on people. It can change your entire appearance thus transforming your look. The wearer’s skin complexion and hair tone can enormously influence how much the contacts enhance your look.

Here are some guidelines to choose the suitable lens pair.

Factors to consider:

1. Skin Tone

The first factor to consider before picking up a lens pair is your skin tone. If you wish that the contact lens has to be invisible to other people for a more natural appearance, it is essential to check how natural the contacts look on your eyes. Anesthesia lenses have a wide range of collection to choose from, and that gives a more natural look.

a. Fair skin complexion:

For people having fair skin complexion, almost all colors will look great. The bright eye colors like purple, aqua, and turquoise will give a dazzling look. In particular, the color shades gray and blue will not only look amazing but also give you a classy look.

b. Dusky Skin Complexion

Bright colored contact lenses are best suited for tan skin complexion, as they can make your eyes glow compared to your complexion. The best suitable colors for you are green, hazel, honey, dark blue and grey. It is better to avoid colors like aqua and turquoise as they don’t go well with dusky skin complexion.

c. Dark Skin Complexion

Though a wide range of colors is suitable for Dark skin complexion, smoky and warm colors go well with your complexion. IF you are looking for a natural look, then the best choice is warm brown, 2-tone violet or hazel. Colors like honey brown, grey and autumn colored lens will give you out of box appearance. It is better to avoid colors like aqua and pink.

2. Hair Color

a. Brown

Dark color contact lens goes well with golden brown or blonde hair color. Especially colors like chocolate brown, Black and deep brown will look dazzling on you. Colors like emerald and bright blue will also look great.

b. Black

Bright-toned contact lens like purple and blue will look great on people with cool toned hair colors like Salt and pepper and blue-black. If you wish to have a more natural look, then try colors like brown.

Points to remember:

  1. After you have selected the colors that match with your tone, narrow down your choice to two and wear two different colors on both the eyes. Compare both the color shades and see which one best suits you.
  2. Make sure to check the colored lenses in the sunlight.

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