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November 25, 2017

How to Buy Diamond with Right Shape, Carat and Cut

Diamonds are one of the most sought jewelry items by men and women. It is best suited for traditional, official and informal events. Diamonds come in a plethora of design, shape, and style. As it is an expensive investment, you have to research and be informed to select the best diamond to suit your requirements. Some reviews would help you find the best quality diamonds.

About James Allen

Is buying a wedding ring from James Allen has been on your mind these days? James Allen True Hearts is one of the leading brands of the arrow and heart-shaped diamonds. Many people value his reviews for loose diamonds but are really James Allen diamond reviews true?

What makes James Allen the Best for buying/selling loose diamonds?

JamesAllen.com is one of the favorite titles in the jewelry industry that comes to people’s mind when buying or selling diamonds. They offer customers the best value for the hard-earned money of. Several features make them the most trusted place to shop for your favorite jewelry pieces. Some of the advantages that customers benefit from choosing James Allen:

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Different types of payment options
  • Two Year Buy/Return Policy
  • 100% Upgrade Policy
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Lifetime Warranty on every purchase
  • Engraving Services to make your purchases more personalized

Which is the right carat for a diamond?

The carat is probably an important factor that you should consider when purchasing loose diamonds. Learning about it is also necessary to calculate the right size and price of the diamond. If you are buying it as a gift, then it is essential to find out the size of diamond that he or she will love to wear.

Which shape of diamond that you should choose?

It is also important to think about the shape of the diamond when buying for yourself or your loved one. It is purely related to aesthetics. Diamonds are available in plenty of different shapes, some of them being circular, rectangle, square, etc.

As the shape of this precious metal can govern its price, you need to be very sure on what shape should you go for. It is a fact that diamonds that have round shape are pricey than the ones with fancy shapes. Several reputed jewelry stores offer a thirty-day return policy, wherein customers can return the piece if they are not satisfied with it.

How important is the Diamond Cut Quality and what should you choose?

A diamond cut may vary depending on the symmetry, style, proportioning and polishing. Cut quality has a notable impact on the actual cost of loose diamonds. As cut grades are not standardized at different diamond sellers, it becomes tough to choose the right cut quality.

Some diamond vendors use their own combination of cut grades by the measurements of diamonds. It is essential to ask the cut grade of whichever shape of diamond you choose when buying from a vendor. Ask for it in the certificate before purchasing.

I strongly recommend you should always value the certificate’s cut grade above the individual site’s cut grade. If you are looking for circular shaped brilliant pieces, then only look for “Ideal or Excellent” grade diamonds. If you want a diamond in a fancy shape, then “Premium” grade is the most appropriate.

Decide the color grade for loose diamonds

The clarity and color of a diamond have a huge impact on price and appearance. As different shapes reflect color at varying strengths, you should choose optimal color balancing.


These tips are beneficial for everyone who is looking out to purchase a loose diamond whether for their engagement ring, business or as a gift. Correct selection of the diamond using these tips gives you mental peace and assurance of its durability for life.

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