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May 24, 2021

The Czech Republic and Austria Send Medical equipment to India, in relief of Coronavirus

As the second wave of coronavirus hits India hard, the Czech Republic and Austria have decided to send medical equipment to the country, to try and help relieve the pressure being felt in the country’s hospitals, at the moment. They are hoping that it will respond, at least in part, to their urgent need.

1,900 oxygen cannulas and 896 oxygen cylinders

An aircraft has landed, a few days ago, in India, with 1,900 oxygen cannulas and 896 oxygen cylinders on board. They were sent by the governments of the Czech Republic and Austria, to help out India, in a great moment of need, as they are battling to face this new wave of coronavirus with difficulty. The demand in hospitals keeps rising, creating an urgency for the supplies, that could not let them wait any longer, as mentioned in India’s news outlet. That is why the two countries have sent some help their way, as fast as they could.

This gesture reinforces the link between these countries, who have been friends for a long time. The discussions between authorities in the Czech Republic and Austria were held rapidly, to find a way to come in relief of their international partner. The two countries were quick to add, that this operation should also be considered as part of the Europe Team’s will, to back up friendly states, whenever possible, in this great time of need, all around the world.

India faces a Difficult Situation with COVID-19

Sadly, India is breaking records daily, in terms of several coronavirus positive tests being detected inside their border. At this moment, an average of 4,000 people per day dies from COVID-19, in the country, according to the Union Health Ministry data. Active cases are also rising continually, but thankfully, the number of people who have recuperated from the virus is also gaining. The fatality rate currently ranges at 1.09 percent.

Internationally, scientists are seeing a large increase of what is called the “Indian variant” of the coronavirus. In the UK, they have found that it also multiplies much faster than any other before, including the “Kent variant,” which was at the source of the second wave that took place in that country. World scientists are having urgent meetings, regularly, to discuss this new variant, and how to protect the populations against it. Like everything else, with the coronavirus, it’s a race to find solutions, before it is too late, and countries have to go in lockdown mode, again.

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