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October 29, 2020

Top 8 Universities in the World by Graduate Employment Rate

There is a lot of speculation that a college degree doesn’t guarantee a successful career. Although it doesn’t come directly with a job offer, higher education gives more chances to young professionals. And for some industries, such as Healthcare, Law, or Education it is a must.

So all of these efforts students put into their degree are worth it. It might feel overwhelming sometimes to balance studies, work, and social life, but the outcome will pay off. 

Yet, the road to graduation might be a thorny one. And if a student needs help, there are always professionals that can answer the question “can you write my essay for me on EssayPro.com” positively. Now, let’s have a closer look at the job market for college graduates and the best universities according to employment rates.

University of Oxford Oxford United Kingdom

Why College Degree Still Matters

Not every field or industry requires a diploma to enter. Many choose not to enroll in college because of their reasons. And it is completely fine. But the statistics are still in favor of those who have graduated. 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics holders of bachelor’s or higher degrees still have the highest employment rating among all groups. Even some time in college without acquiring a diploma gives the person more chances to get a job. And this trend remains constant globally.

People who have BA have a 3.5 times lower poverty rate than the others. They are also much more likely to have health insurance offered by the employer. And the higher education people get, the more return of investment they will gain in a lifetime.

Of course, some statistics show that 41% of recent graduates do work in fields that do not require a diploma. But it has to do more with the lack of experience. These numbers go lower in a couple of years when young professionals get more skills and experience and apply for more high-profile positions.

It all shows the same trend – a diploma does matter and gives more chances for higher income and positions. The job market for graduates looks pretty decent as of today.

8 Universities With the Best Graduate Employment Rates

Harvard, USA

Of course, the Ivy League schools are on this list. Harvard is one of the most respected institutions not only in the USA but globally. Its diplomas are recognized everywhere and do offer great opportunities to the graduates. 

Many alumni are recruited even before they get their degrees. That’s why it is so hard to get in and the tuition fee is rather high. But it is a great investment for those who can afford it.

Oxford, UK

Oxford is one of the oldest academic institutions in the world. The students had been attending courses here from the 11th century. And, of course, it is an institution that is well-respected globally. 

The educational programs here are quite impressive and there are many to choose from. It is a great school, although it is incredibly hard to get in and the tuition is also pretty high. This is what comes with worldwide recognition.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Although this university is quite new, it has already become one of the best in Asia. It was founded in 1991 and has four schools. Students can acquire a BA in Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanitarian studies. 

There are also interdisciplinary programs available. The main focus is on research. Thus, the university offers great research opportunities in innovative fields.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

MIT is another top-profile American college that is widely known around the globe. It is regarded as one of the top technical schools in the world especially when it comes to Computer Science. 

MIT provides graduates with amazing employment opportunities and many of them even start their own companies. But it is also known for being quite competitive and having a tough curriculum. Only the best of the best can enter and cope with it successfully.

Tsinghua University, China

Tsinghua is one of the top colleges in China that was established in 1911. It is located in Beijing and is part of the C9 League of Chinese universities. 

This League is like an Asian Ivy League, which ensures the highest quality of education as well as a respected diploma. Students can follow many programs here, from Culture up to Science and Engineering. It also has an outstanding research center for innovative studies.

The University of Sydney, Australia

This is the oldest college in Australia and is one of the top ones in the world according to many factors, including the employment rate. It is the number one college according to graduate employability in Australia. 

It was founded in 1850 and has kept the tradition of high-level education since then. Diplomas of this institution are highly valued all over the world. It has 16 faculties and schools, accepts about 4,500 students a year, and has amazing sports teams.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is the best in the country and one of the top colleges worldwide. It is known for a comprehensive curriculum, great research center, and opportunities for students. 

It is also famous for its alumni, which include 21 Nobel Prize laureates, Albert Einstein among them. When it comes to Europe there is no better Technological school that can offer exceptional employment possibilities for its graduates.

Stanford, USA

Stanford is another famous school that is known almost everywhere. It is part of the Ivy League and has excellent programs as well as opportunities for graduates. It is located in Palo-Alto, which is quite close to Silicon Valley, which gives graduates more chances to explore the localities.

The institution has numerous faculties, schools, and research centers that offer various programs. The range is wide – from Music, Business, Healthcare, to Law and Computer Science.

Arizona State University

In Summary

Higher education still matters for a future career. Graduates have more chances to land a great job and get a higher position. They also have more financial benefits throughout their lifetime. And the prestigious colleges provide even more employment opportunities.

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