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4 Things Students Need to Know Before Studying in Prague

September 12, 2018

Prague offers beautiful scenery, a unique culture, and history to explore. Over 7 million people visited Prague in 2016, and these figures continue to rise. But some people are so impressed by the city that they’ll want to stay longer.

Studying in Prague is often an option that people pursue to stay in the country longer.

When studying abroad, there is a lot to know. In Prague, a few tips that will help every student are:

1. Native Czech People are Reserved

People aren’t as friendly in other countries as they are in the United States. A lot of students from the United States will have shell shock because people in Prague are reserved. Older generations are specially reserved, and this means not fully embracing someone new until they know them well.

But there’s also something nice about people being reserved.

You’ll make genuine, generous friends, but it will take time. Studying in Czech and learning about the culture will lead to new friends, but it will take some time for these friendships to materialize.

2. Czech Education is One of the Best in Europe

Czech education is one of the best in Europe, and all aspects of the country’s education are governed by the Accreditation Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Higher education, from subject matter to essay format, are evaluated for quality.

If you opt to take courses in Czech at a public university, the availability is unlimited and free up until the age of 26.

3. Foreign Students Are Flocking to Prague

You won’t be the only foreigner going to a Prague university. Tens of thousands of foreign students go to Czech universities annually. International students often make friends amongst themselves first.

This leads to deep friendships in a foreign country, and many of these international students may speak your native tongue, so they offer a sense of familiarity in a foreign country.

You definitely won’t be the only international student, but this doesn’t mean you want to ignore all of the Czech students. If you’re going to experience Prague, the Czech students can teach you a lot about their culture that you won’t find in a textbook.

4. Public Transportation is a Must

Beautiful cobblestone streets line Prague, but these streets are not kind to the feet – especially for women wearing heels. It’s important to be able to get to class comfortably, or around the city for that matter.

Public transportation is everywhere in Prague.

You’ll be able to access public transportation for cheap, and the public transportation will help you get virtually everywhere in Prague. Buses are available along with trams and metros.

Students will want to go to the station or a shop to buy their tickets and have them stamped when riding on the tram, bus or subway.

If you’re trying to learn the Czech language, it’s beautiful, highly phonetic and hard to learn. Natives will appreciate your blunders when trying to speak in Czech, and learning the language will also help provide further cultural insights to students.

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