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Technologies Are Here to Help: 7 Recent Advancements in College Education

November 30, 2020

It’s almost impossible to imagine modern education without smart assistants. There are various applications and programs, online platforms, useful blogs. All these instruments simplify the learning process and make it visual, interactive, and easy. College students use them to facilitate the performance of everyday tasks.

Sometimes, young people can’t concentrate on assignments and get distracted. They lack motivation or need to cope with stress. Fortunately, recent advancements in college education are reliable helpers. This article highlights 7 instruments that make students’ life more efficient and productive.

college students

Planning Apps

College life is full of lectures, tests, exams, home tasks, and academic papers. If one struggles with keeping them all in mind, the Weekly app will be a great helper. It is a digital diary in which students can write down their schedule, homework, or teachers’ names.

Homework reminders are the most important feature of the app. Thanks to it, students can open Weekly after school and see what they need to do immediately, and what essays and tasks can be postponed until the next day.

If you have so many tasks that no app can help to plan the time, you might need to use some essay help. When you are worried about the deadlines, you can google “do my essay” to get professional assistance from EssayHub experts as quickly as possible. As a result, you’ll stop worrying about the great pile of assignments that grows too fast.

Weekly’s main benefits are:

  • it plans the time effectively
  • teaches discipline
  • the scheduling mechanism is also amazing
  • there are reminders about an upcoming lesson 15-30 minutes before the start
  • almost all of the app’s features are free.

Wunderlist is another app for self-organization. All tasks are organized as a to-do list that you can share with other users. For each task, you can set a due date and a reminder. Wunderlist is not overloaded with unnecessary functions. Everything is simple: you set a task and complete it, put a checkmark, and close it.

Apps for Being Attentive

Anxiety and tension seem to be a part of students’ everyday life. Luckily, some apps help to focus on important things and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Headspace is a meditation app for staying focused. It sets students up to learn new things. Audio exercises give a chance to cope with stress. Moreover, there are tips on what to do if you are bored during meditation.

In addition to the audio, the app involves other formats such as video and animation. The developers claim that it is enough to use the app for 10 minutes a day to feel the result.

Some students prefer to listen to music while studying. is good at choosing the right music for work, rest, sleep, or meditation. The tunes provided by an app were examined by neuroscientists to determine their effectiveness. The soundtracks help to concentrate on tasks, fall asleep faster, relax, and fight anxiety.

Apps for Gaining Knowledge

Our whole life is a process of learning, especially when it comes to foreign languages. Some colleges offer amazing language courses. If you want to go deep into learning a language, Duolingo is the best helper.

Learning with Duolingo is fun, quick, and motivational. Students can earn points for correct answers, solve time-limited tests, increasing their level. The lessons are short yet effective. One can use the app while commuting or waiting in a long line.

Another hit in the field of education is Coursera. It is an online learning project from the world’s leading universities. Hundreds of free courses were prepared by teachers from Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, and many other universities. Coursera provides access to thousands of courses in a wide variety of specializations. The app is free and available to both Android and iOS users.


Once the course is finished, students must be ready to use their knowledge. Lots of professors tend to evaluate students’ proficiency in a particular subject in an essay. Young people aim at writing something outstanding, so they can turn to a helpful blog to receive wise tips. Everyone might need a little help with figuring out the essay structure or formulating the main idea.

Creative students will appreciate the Evernote app. It allows you to write down ideas when you get inspired and share your notes with anyone. Evernote syncs data between all your devices, so you can work from anywhere.

More and more students feel the desire to share their impressions or creative works with the world. Social media is a wonderful platform for self-expression. When young people start their blog, they may look for handy tips on captivating other users’ attention. A well-thought-out strategy is an important part of any business, including Instagram content.

Final Thoughts

The crazy pace of modern life dictates its laws. There’s more information and less time for everything. Thanks to wise assistants, students can study with their smartphones and devote every minute to self-education through a mobile app.

Knowledge can be gained much easier thanks to technologies. Students don’t need to carry a bunch of textbooks and spend nights prepping for a test. Download these apps and let them simplify your college life!

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