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poppy the printable robot

Meet Poppy, the printable robot

An the open-source, 3D-printed robot is set to inspire innovation in classrooms Meet Poppy, the first completely open-source, 3D printed, humanoid robot (@poppy_project). Poppy is a robot that anybody can build and
February 11, 2015
Czech kids to learn more about Islam

Czech kids to learn more about Islam

LN: New project will explain the Quran, burkas and jihad to students Prague, April 7 (ČTK) — A new project launched by the Muslims In Czech Schoolchildren’s Eyes group and approved by
April 7, 2014

NYU Prague hits the right note

Music program offers students a broad look at local culture While most of us enjoy music all year round, at NYU Prague that hadn’t been the case. The music program was offered
March 30, 2014
Czechs confirm global warming in Antarctica

Czechs confirm global warming in Antarctica

Scientists also study ‘extremophiles’ at Czech-built station Brno, March 13 (ČTK) —Czech scientists took some 7,300 parasites from fish for examination and they studied the melting of four icebergs, and moss and
March 14, 2014

Czechs lagging in languages

54 percent of Czechs have no foreign language ability whatsoever, according to the results of a survey released yesterday by the Social and Economy Analyses Institute (ISEA). The same poll showed that
December 16, 2010
czechia flag

Digital schooling innovation

Remote learning system aimed at hospital-bound and disabled kids, but may have other uses — if it works Prague appears to be at the center of yet another revolution — this time
January 23, 2008
czechia flag

Faith-based schools growing

Jewish, Catholic schools see steady enrollment hikes Shortly after the fall of communism, the Czech Republic saw tremendous growth in the number of faith-based schools. Partly it was a dramatic reaction to
March 26, 2003
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