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International student population quadruples

Czech Universities are by no means in want of fresh blood, as the international student population has grown by four times in the last ten years to nearly 38,000, according to the Institute for Information in Education. As the Czech News Agency reported April 1, the institute found that of those foreign students, about one-third… Keep Reading

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Czechs lagging in languages

54 percent of Czechs have no foreign language ability whatsoever, according to the results of a survey released yesterday by the Social and Economy Analyses Institute (ISEA). The same poll showed that only 27 percent of Czechs can communicate in at least one foreign language, usually English, followed by German. A negative correlation between age… Keep Reading

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Digital schooling innovation

Remote learning system aimed at hospital-bound and disabled kids, but may have other uses — if it works Prague appears to be at the center of yet another revolution — this time in the area of education. An experimental and technologically advanced project called Digital Home School, operating under the auspices of Prague’s Hermes Civic… Keep Reading

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Faith-based schools growing

Jewish, Catholic schools see steady enrollment hikes Shortly after the fall of communism, the Czech Republic saw tremendous growth in the number of faith-based schools. Partly it was a dramatic reaction to what many perceived as the failure of decades of state-sponsored atheism and education. Schools closed for nearly half a century were able to… Keep Reading

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