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March 6, 2019

If you are a fan of Chinese culture, language, food, or anything else Chinese related, then it’s high time you become acquainted with Pandarow.

Pandarow is an excellent tool for learning how to speak and write Chinese. But it doesn’t stop there as the tool introduces users to some of the most exciting bits of Chinese lifestyle and opportunities that they probably were unaware of.

Many people shy away from learning Chinese because it seems super complicated. Pandarow takes way the complication and offers a fun and easy learning experience that can be enjoyed by people with zero, little, or average experience with Chinese. For your convenience, this effective online Mandarin learning tool can be accessed either via mobile devices or computer.

If you check any list of best paid or free-to-use website or mobile application for learning Chinese, you are bound to find Pandarow. One of my favorite things about the tool, even though it is entirely free to use from start to finish, as well as ad-free, it offers a better value experience than most paid tools, or in person classes.

As mentioned before, Pandarow is available as a mobile app on both Play Store and iTunes. This is great for people who would like to have their learning experience on the go. In case you are not a fan of apps for some reason, the tool can also be accessed via its website. Once you sign up, you will immediately have access to premium content that will renew your excitement about learning Chinese and everything else you can about China. The app and the website version of the tool are continuously upgraded with up-to-date content.

It’s really easy to learn common Mandarin terms using an app.

Regardless of your current proficiency in the Chinese language, you can select your level and begin your training from there on Pandarow. But I recommend starting from scratch to get a refresher. Make sure you haven’t missed out on anything because Pandarow is actually more comprehensive than most available Chinese learning tools.

To make your learning experience as interactive as possible, Pandarow offers an open and free Chinese learning question and answer platform via its Ask Panda page. The page gives you access to an open forum where you can have discussions and glean knowledge from learners just like you around the world.

Conversations on the forum are moderated by native Chinese speakers who will make sure you get accurate answers to your questions regarding China, Chinese people, language and culture as soon as possible. Thanks to these moderators, you can rest assured that you won’t be provided misleading answers.

To further facilitate learning, Pandarow has a regularly updated archive of learning courses, articles, and posts whose sole purpose is to keep you engaged with all the learning materials you can possibly need.

Pandarow’s primary objective might be to help you learn Chinese to speak and write the language like a pro, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a lot of fun to be had on the platform. For instance, if you are a foodie, there are loads you can learn on the tool about Chinese food.

There’s also the fun aspect of the tool that lets you pick a Chinese name that best represents you. It’s great fun for family and friends. There’s also stuff about interesting Chinese activities and tradition such as the Chinese New Year.

If Pandarow is an efficient, easy and fun way to learn Chinese isn’t enough to convince you to try it out, maybe some of the following specific features it offers will win you over:

  • A Chinese dictionary that supports Chinese, English and Pinyin searches
  • A tool for converting English words and sentences to Chinese
  • Have fun with the tool’s voice recognition, grammar, strokes and Pinyin features
  • Offers the best Pinyin courses online
  • An easy place to practice your Chinese, review and improve
  • Learn about weather, season, colors, clothing, directions, shopping, food, relationships, and more and their significance in Chinese culture
  • Access to Chinese news and information and opportunities regarding Studying in China, Jobs in China, China Cities, Travel in China, Travelling to China, China Scholarships, and much more.

As of November 2018, Pandarow was expanded to be not just for English speakers that are enthusiastic about learning Chinese. The tool can now be used by Spanish speakers who are also excited about learning Chinese. The Spanish aspect of it includes a Spanish to Chinese dictionary, as well as a converter that converts Spanish words, phrases, and urban slangs to Chinese and vice versa.

If you don’t speak Spanish or English, don’t feel left out as the Pandarow team is active at work adding more languages to the platform for people from other backgrounds who are enthusiastic about Chinese.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world recommend Pandarow as a Chinese learning tool for English and Spanish speakers. It is free, it is fun, it is convenient and most important, it gives you a Chinese learning experience like no other.

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