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January 23, 2018

Job Outlook for Teachers in 2018

Teaching is among various sought-after professions. Since a teacher is responsible for molding the life of its students, thus it is not an easy task. They have to put much more hard work focusing on the progress of its student.

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The Current Job Scenario

The demand for teachers has never seen a drop, nor it will happen in the future. In fact, the current time is witnessing an upsurge of the demand. Such demand is less likely appear in any other field. Moreover, a recent survey also predicts the same. It says that the need for qualified teachers will continue growing by 13 percent between 2008-2018. So, if you are waiting to enter in this field, the time is here.

The reason for growing demand for teachers is obvious. It is due to the increasing number of students along with increasing number of schools. Despite, its demand is not uniform but is persistent. Like there is always more demand for teachers in cities than in rural areas. But overall the supply teaching jobs are not going to fall anytime soon.

Moreover, the teaching jobs also related to the retirement of the senior teaching staff. If more teaching staff are going to retire, then more opportunity is waiting for trainees. The state is also intended to encourage youngster for the opting teaching profession.

Factors playing important role

Certain things can add an advantage as a teacher. Often those teachers specialized in sciences, maths, foreign languages; economics receives job offers like a cake walk. Not only this, if someone has specialization in teaching nursery kids, they also have more opportunity.

The pay of the teacher rests on their experience and the class they teach. Particular streams with more wages have a high demand for teachers. Unlike this, subjects like social studies, environment have already plenty of jobs available.

The location of the schools also affects a teacher’s wage. In such cases, if a school is located in rural areas, a teacher is more likely to get fewer wages. On the other hand, if a school is present in some big cities, the teacher receives comparatively higher wages and perks.

Moreover, if possible a teaching aspirant should try to get specialization in more than one stream. It will not only increase their chance of bagging a job but also help in improving their pay.

A Deeper Understanding Of The Job

Undoubtedly, teaching job surrounds several challenges. One may have to work long hours in a day. It happens if someone teaches in higher classes. Chances of getting work in remote places are also present. Like one may have to go in rural areas for teaching. Also, one may have to work for low wages during their initial days.

To overcome all such challenges, one should own qualities like dedication, knowledge, calmness, and understanding. So, if someone has these qualities, they will easily overcome all challenges. In addition to the teaching jobs with decent pay, this field comes with anticipated job profiles.

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