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October 25, 2021

How to Get DACA Financial Aid

Although the number of immigrants to the United States has dipped rather low within the last ten years and fewer still during this time of pandemic; there is still concern on what to do about those young adults who already have established a bit of a rapport with our nation’s school system.

While completing high school ought to be at the top of every young person’s priority list, most who do will also most like want to further their education through college. What can you expect to find if you are a DACA student in need of Financial Aid? Here’s how to get DACA financial aid.

Who Gets It?

Although America is committed to making sure that every child has a decent education from elementary level to high school age regardless of their residency, undocumented children do not qualify for many of the US school aid programs through the federal government. However; when former President Obama was in office, he passed a law that undocumented children could indeed receive a Social Security number and apply for certain kinds of student financial support.

Most of the monies intended for undocumented students come through scholarships and grants dispersed by either the state where that student resides or some other institution, including banks and other lending institutions.

Where To Go For Financial Help 

As it is in many areas of opportunity, a great deal of responsibility falls on the student who seeks a means to attend an institution of higher education. For starters, the student of interest has to have lived in the United States for five years. When that condition is met, several states provide funds for a DACA student loan.

 Another path to take is with a service like Juno to help you find a loan through a private lender. Juno has a roster of private lenders for those in need of financial services not available through other venues.

DACA and Juno 

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), is funding for those whose parents have come to America without becoming citizens. In most cases, the children of these families have lived in the states since just after birth, or their parents moved well after their children were born.

The process of applying for a loan with Juno does require the prospective student to have either a good credit line or make a stabilized income through work to receive additional help. The advantages of a loan through Juno include;

– a lower interest rate

– Monies are not funded by government means, so there is an exclusion on a loan application

– a shorter waiting process after filing an application

The Juno lender has several types of loans to accommodate the prospective student, whether you are seeking college as an undergrad, or continuing courses from another program. Feel free to use Juno’s Graduate Student Loan calculator to discover what type of loan is the right fit for your educational needs.

In honor of the ‘Dreamers’ program set up by President Obama, do not give up hope in following your educational pathway. The opportunity to advance in life remains in play for every one of us to pursue. It is said that education is the strongest power one can possess, for education is something we all need to survive, so don’t give up on your dreams.

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