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January 29, 2021

Is There a Decline in Writing Skills Due To Technology

The advancement of technology has had its effect on students’ writing skills. Even though on the contrary we tend to be excited about new waves made in research and technological development, we should also be a way of the increased dangers and adverse effects technology has brought to the world

In the aspect of effective communication, the introduction of mobile phones became a revolution that greatly changed the way we communicate with one another. Also, the internet has come to bring a faster and quicker way of having access to millions of people across the globe.

Writing is not to be left out as technology has also affected writing greatly. There is the increased usage of the internet, tablets, laptops, smartphones; this means more students are making use of technology in their writing projects. The use of college essay writing services by students has gained more popularity than ever before. The bulk of assignments given by tutors to students is done by these online services. Students refer to them and hire seasoned professional writers to write their research papers, essay topics, term paper, etc.

This has brought about the question, how is technology affecting students’ writing skills? Research has shown that technology has both negative and positive effects on students’ writing. Though the era of research where students used to go to the library, search books, gather newspapers and articles has passed as everything you are looking for is online. The effect caused by technology on student’s writing skills can be clearly stated. This article will state some positive and negative impacts of technology on writing.

The positive effects of technology on writing

  1. It fosters collaboration: Every class has a student group where students come together to share ideas concerning certain issues. Also, every online writing platform has its interactive community on social media, where people go to share their ideas. This is possible through technology, now students have a platform that they can seek help concerning their writing project or assignments and get people’s opinions and views.
  2. It improves student’s creativity: With access to lots of research materials online concerning a particular topic. Students are not limited and can carry out extensive research work on certain subject matters. The availability of online writing tools has also helped students in writing better. Tools that check for grammatical errors, spelling errors are used by students to easily correct and edit their written essays.
  3. It helps save time: The use of technology in writing has helped students to save time, carry out more research and improve their writing skills.
  4. Technology has improved student’s grades: The use of plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, urban dictionaries, citation generators has greatly helped to improve students writing skills and produce better papers which means improved scores and grades.
  5. Technology has greatly supported writing development: The availability of different writing aids such as:
  • Word processing and presentation programs.
  • Speech to text and text to speech software.
  • Online college essay writing services.
  • Online publishing programs for student’s work like Wordfaire.

All these tools have improved the writing skills of people when they are learned and properly used.

Negative effects of technology on writing

  1. Plagiarism: Due to the easy access to a lot of written work and resources on the internet. It has made most students lazy and has brought about a decline in writing skills. Students feel all they need to do is to just copy-paste an already published work rather than using their own words.
  2. Impatience with the writing process: When they are college essay writing services that can instantly give you a finished written work. People no longer see the need to do research, but their effort and try to use their own words in putting up a piece. There are an app and a website for everything (writing, proofreading, editing).
  3. More confidence in technology than themselves: The use of writing aids and online writing services has made students not believe in themselves anymore. They put much trust in what they get online or with the use of different writing tools as being perfect without flaws.
  4. Students become helpless without technology: The laziness caused by technology is rampaging. Students have forgotten how to carry out basic tasks like proofreading their texts, checking their spelling and grammar. It now appears that without these tools and online writing services students cannot present any good form of writing.
  5. Cyber slangs: Social media chats have influenced formal writings, students now cannot differentiate between formal writing and then a usual way of chatting with their friends online. They bring this informal writing into their papers that are supposed to be formal and it poses a problem because they are penalized and it affects their grades negatively.
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