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December 12, 2018

4 Tips for a Killer Admission Essay

When you write a graduate school essay, remember there are some common pitfalls that you must avoid. These pitfalls often cost students their enrollment. So, if you have your mind set on an institute and you want to make it there by hook or crook, make sure you avoid these minor but costly mistakes.

We are giving you four critical tips below for writing an admission essay. These tips will explain to you what to write and avoid when penning down your essay.

1. Polish Your Essay

Brain-Storm your content. You have to pick anecdotes to express yourself and show your analytical skills. You have to help the readers experience the events you are discussing by discussing some of its backgrounds.

You have to budget the time to proofread your content and get a second opinion on it. We overlook errors when it comes to spelling and grammar. This carelessness has a heavy toll. To clear out every error, you may need professional help.

2. The Summary

When you write an essay for the Admission Committee, provide as much detail as possible. When you submit your application to graduate school, you have previous experience that will help you qualify. So, detail your experiences as long as they are relieved.

Admission Officers look for reasoning instead of details. They expect a demonstration of self-reflection, critical thinking and the ability to apply whatever you learned during studies in practical life.

You don t need to cover every aspect of your essay, give an idea of what you think is important to the admission officers. Also, don’t forget to add your perspective.

3. Work on Your Vocabulary

When you apply for one of following:

  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • MCAT
  • GMAT

You need to work on your vocabulary. Everything should be written in an easy to understand language while reflecting the command of a graduate level student. You have to use your words with absolute precision. If you don’t know where to start from, get help from the internet.

Use simple language. If you are not sure about a word, you are better off without it. High vocabulary allows you to shade the meaning of your content and streamline phrasing.

Try to substitute a word for a phrase. Can you use advanced vocabulary word instead of an idiomatic expression? You better use a broad variety of words in your Admission Essay.

4. Keep It Short

It doesn’t matter if your essay is one page or more than three, you must conclude it with an effective graduate school statement. Everything has to fit together with smooth content. You must inform the admission officers about yourself, your qualities and experiences.

But, show respect to their time while at it by keeping your message short. This way, it will be received well by the admissions officer. Don’t write an extensive essay and hope it will help you get enrolled in the institute.

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