Czech terrorists

Two Czech YPG militants arrested by Turkish Police

Two Czech citizens who fight for Syrian terrorist organization YPG were arrested by Turkish Police in Sirnak City in Turkey.

Czech terrorists passports

According to the Turkish Officials, the two suspect said they were trained at French Legion Camps and by German Special Forces to fight in Syria for YPG.

Marketa Vselichova
Marketa Vselichova

Miroslav Farkas ( alias Serxwebun Botan ) and Marketa Vselichova ( alias Zelane Botan ) said they saw many troops from French legion, German Special Forces and American Special Forces in Syria and they engaged in several combats with them.

Miroslav Farkas
Miroslav Farkas

According to Turkish officials, and the two suspects’ statements, they were caught while they were trying to access to Europe via Turkey to procure thermal binoculars and medical supply for YPG militans. Turkish Police launched an operation against the two based on an intel. The two suspects were caught when crossing the Turkish border.

Czech citizens caught by the Turkish police

YPG is claimed to be a part of the PKK terrorist organization by Turkish officials.


  1. Czech people should be proud of these two hero who have supported the Kurds who fight against ISIS. Shame on Turkey for supporting ISIS and other terrorists. The Czech government should request their release.

    • You should be stupid enough to say that Turkey supports ISIS. They are now fighting against ISIS in Syria and it seems that they are the only army fighting ISIS now, considering 93 countries have troops in Syria, yet they have no evidence of a victory. Turkey is bombarding ISIS outposts everyday. I know it, because I currently live in Turkey and nothing is what it seems like, especially from the Western point of view.

      • You have absolutely no clue about the Syrian War if you think Turkey is the main force fighting ISIS.

        To the czech people: Once again you showed the world with these two heroes that your freedom is the result of a long struggle.

    • You are absolutely right. YPG fights Isis like no-one else, they are the most able boots of the west against them, if not the ONLY ones west has on the ground. Yet Turkey, for its own selfish reasons, calls them terrorists in a par with the Islamists. What a travesty!

    • Turkey is not a friend to western civilization although they like to say they are. In reality Turkey is a strict muslim country and any form of democracy is a lie.

  2. I can’t believe how ignorant human beings can be, and how fast they forget.

    Remember when Trump said Obama and Hillary established and funded ISIS? He wasn’t saying bullshit. He told this based on FBI intel. And removed his tweet the day after.

    People forget twin towers and Al qaida so fast. People forget Iraq and Saddam. Did anyone find any chemical weapons in Iraq?

    Isis is just another puppet acting on behalf of war lords, globallist bastards, sionists and those who want to fuck up the entire world. Did anyone hear ISIS attack on Israel?

    Ypg is another puppet on the other side of the stage. Does anyone know Ypg and Isis collaborate suice bomb attacks in Turkey?

    Does anyone know the Gulen movement cooperate with these two. Remember, Gulen lives in Pennsilvania.

    When Trump won, globallists lost and the amrican nationalists won the election. Now that the fight has been moved to another level.

  3. 1. It makes NO difference how Turkey participate in the struggle against ISIS
    2. It also makes NO difference who founded ISIS – CIA, Obama, Sioniists or even Russians
    3. As for Turkey and ISIS itself the europeans could see it in the context of the RU abassodor’s shot in Turkey and the truck killed people in Berlin.
    3. The fact however is that these 2 chech militants who really participated in the straggle against ISIS, in this case as the part of Kurd’s moovement, were captured by Turkey. They are EU citizens (see the images of their documents)

    So they are heroes and should be immediately fried and transferred to Chech Republic.

    • Viktor, you are a complete idiot and you think the world is spinning around the EU. they are not only terrorists but also spies. and the kurds are not consist of PYD/YPG only. these are secular kurds, but muslim kurds hate them. because they believe PYD/YPG are nothing but western world puppets. they wonder why you love these secular kurds so much, but hate the muslim kurds as well. so people are all aware what is going on in the middle east.

      read this and stop bullshitting. the western world should back off and leave the muslims alone. stop sucking the oil and the money of the muslims. or you will have to pay back someday.

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