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Randy Blythe
Czech News

Blythe manslaughter trial postponed

Judge orders adjournment due to sick witness The manslaughter trial of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe will be adjourned until Mar. 4 due to the illness of a witness called by the defense. Presiding Judge Tomáš Kubovec said one more witness would testify tomorrow before the case is put on hold for a month.… Keep Reading

riot police prague
Czech News

Police pull back in north Bohemia

Special unit takes lower profile as social protests shift to bigger cities A special unit of riot police has been withdrawn from the north Bohemian town of Nový Bor amid concerns that they were doing more harm than good amid continued tensions between the minority Roma and majority white population, according to a City Hall… Keep Reading

Prague Pride
Czech News

Attitudes toughen towards homosexuality

Study: ČR is one of just four countries to see declining acceptance of same sex relations It’s a popular notion across Europe that the Czech Republic is known for being liberal in matters of certain social taboos, namely drugs and sex. But despite the country’s even more deserved reputation as one of the world’s most… Keep Reading

Vaclav Klaus
Czech News

Video: Klaus pen grab hits 1.5 million views

President Václav Klaus has become a global internet sensation after pocketing a ceremonial pen at a diplomatic press conference, with videos of the incident garnering 1.5 million views and counting on YouTube. In the wake of the apparent gaffe, both presidents’ spokespeople were quick to point out Klaus had done nothing wrong. Klaus spokesman Radim… Keep Reading

roma girl
Czech News

Ministry maps school segregation

Rigid system, parent apathy behind Roma placement in ‘practical schools’ Ostrava, north Moravia The kindergarten at the Ostrava-Kunčičky elementary school caters to children from socially disadvantaged families, comprising mostly local Roma. As teacher Jarmila Grossmannová goes through the attendance roster on a recent morning, she notes that 15 of the class’ 18 students are absent.… Keep Reading

Anti-Roma activity
Czech News

Anti-Roma activity on the rise

Gov’t moves to ban DS party amid surge of far-right movement A political party best known for targeting the Roma community with frequent violent rhetoric and occasional physical violence faces possible abolition at the hands of the government, but vows to march on regardless. The DS clashed with police and Roma in Litvínov Nov. 17,… Keep Reading

Czech News

MPs decry VKR archive listings

Five officials deny roles in military counterintelligence At least five members of Parliament, in addition to many well-known athletes, have been revealed to have a record as confidantes in the register of communist-era military counterintelligence (VKR) archives. The list, which contains more than 140,000 names, was published July 28 by the Institute for the Study… Keep Reading

Prague City Hall
Czech News

The fight for funding

With petitions and protests, nonprofit arts groups struggle to stay alive Desperate for action in the wake of municipal funding cuts, the city’s nonprofit arts groups are intensifying their fight for grant money. On April 28, the Prague organization Initiative for Culture met to identify upcoming strategies, including the continuation of a petition, and the… Keep Reading

smoking ban
Czech News

Smoking bans a smoldering issue

Pubs in German border towns embrace the end of an era With little chance a smoking ban will pass Parliament in the near future, Czechs should continue to puff away on their cigarettes in pubs and restaurants undisturbed this year. In the neighboring Länder of Saxony and Bavaria, however, smokers are getting some government-imposed fresh… Keep Reading

Czech News

Party seeks to restore monarchy

Koruna Ćeská would rebuild the ancient Czech Kingdom Former Prime Minister Miloš Zeman called them “one of the parties that could fit in an elevator.” Social Democrat Party Chairman Jiří Paroubek once referred to them as “not even small fish, but plankton.” The members of Koruna Česká, a national party that wants to transform the… Keep Reading

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