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Most Czechs satisfied with life

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Long term polls show an upward trend for the stereotypically dour nation

Czechs aren’t known for being the most optimistic bunch, but most are satisfied with their lives.

Some 71% are mostly satisfied, and another 28% are somewhat satisfied with life in general, a poll conducted in February by CVVM showed.

Less than a quarter were on the fence about the topic, with 23 percent saying life was neither satisfactory nor dissatisfactory.

Pessimism was low. Just 3 percent were very unsatisfied, and 12 percent were rather dissatisfied the poll showed.

The number of people who didn’t know was at zero percent.

Similar polls have been conducted monthly since 2003 and have mainly shown overall satisfaction.

The trend for being mostly satisfied has risen slowly over the past few years. In 2012 the figure ranged between 43 and 47 percent, while in 2013 it wavered between 46 and 49 percent.

In 2014 a majority began to be satisfied, with the number hitting 53 percent in June 2014. The lowest level that year was 46 percent, and it hit exactly 50 percent three times.

In 2015, it ranged tightly between 49 and 51 percent.

Also since 2012, the number of very satisfied people has been trending upwards. While in 2012 it hit a low of 9 percent twice and dipped as low as 8 percent in February 2013, it has not been below 10 percent since April 2013 and hit 14 percent in November 2014 and twice in 2015.

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  1. Czech people are quite reserved and xenophobic in mentality. I’ve been an Expat in Prague for many years and found that Czech people consider themselves to be living in an exclusive paradise and safe haven that they believe is “theirs” and not for anybody else… or basically not for foreigners to enjoy as much as them. So they like to enjoy their traditions and culture in their private way. As a UK expat in Prague, there can be many barriers to mixing with Czech people. I always find it very easy to mix socially with other Native English speaking expats (other Brits, then US Americans, Canadians, Australians). But Czechs are a difficult bunch of people to mix with and very reserved about other nations, often with very closed minded views and poor stereo types which are quite annoying and even offensive. Eventually you can meet friendly Czechs but they are not true friends, because they consider themselves too specific as a nation and people of a very special culture that they want to preserve for themselves. Most of my friends are expats who are native English speakers like me. Czech people can be friendly but not friends. Being friendly is not the same as being a friend. Some people can say that Czechs may seem racist… but this is too harsh to say. Czech people can be warm and friendly but they are just so hard and difficult to integrate with. They are mentally affected because of their communist past which has evolved into them from the generation before that was in that cruel regime. Communisim is very under-rated for the effect it had on Czechs and still today with their xenophobic and closed minded behaviour.

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