Children’s drug addiction is often hereditary

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Meth users kids are at high risk, according to Czech expert

Prague, June 13 (ČTK) — The number of the Czech children who use pervitine (methamphetamine) because their parents are drug addicts is on the rise, daily Právo writes today.

However, there is only one detox center in the Czech Republic, Právo writes, adding that the money to treat such children is insufficient.

The only detox center for children and teenagers is in a Prague hospital, Právo writes.

Last year, it provided medical care to a total of 848 patients and its 14 beds were alternately occupied by 257 children in 12-day stays, it adds.

“Children from various, but often also quite normal families stay here. The therapy must be often repeated,” head doctor Marian Koranda is quoted as saying.

“A girl, 16, only managed to get rid of her addiction at the fourth try here,” he added.

“Our child patents most often depend on pervitine. We are facing the tremendous problem that the children take pervitine that is also used by both of their parents,” Koranda said.

“Actually, we do not know what to do,” he added.

“In such cases, the addiction rate reaches 100 percent, while in the case of alcohol about 50 percent,” Koranda said.

“One half of alcoholics’ children drink it, too, while the other hate it,” he added.

There is no therapy for the whole families of the addicts, Koranda said.

The facility, the only of its kind, must be sponsored at the cost of other hospital departments, Právo writes.

The children’s detox center runs at a deficit of up to 4 million Kč a year, it adds.

As a result, its debts are rapidly growing, Koranda said.

“There is the problem that health insurance companies are unable to finance fully any anti-drug center,” Koranda said.

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