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May 22, 2015

Czech Communist ‘likes’ soldiers’ death in Afghanistan

On Facebook, Michal Kesudis said soldiers deserved their deaths; suit is pending against him

Prague, May 22 (ČTK) — A Communist Party (KSČM) member is being tried over having approved of the killing of five Czech soldiers by a Taliban suicide attack in Afghanistan on Facebook last year, daily Právo writes today.

A suicide attacker blew himself up in the proximity of a Czech patrol on July 8, 2014, killing four soldiers and fatally injuring one, who later died in Prague.

The attack was claimed by the Taliban.

Michal Kesudis, a member of the KSČM, aged 37 and from Ostrava, north Moravia, praised the killing of the soldiers, writing literally that they had deserved their death on the Facebook, Právo writes.

The police were informed about his comments, and they started investigating the case over two suspected crimes: siding with a movement suppressing human rights and freedoms, and approving of a criminal act, it adds.

The investigation ended with filing a criminal suit that will be dealt with by the Prague 6 district court in June, Právo writes.

If convicted, Kesudis may be sentenced up to three years in prison, it adds.

Reacting to the soldiers’ death, Kesudis wrote: “This is naturally a great success, because alongside the U.S. mercenaries, the Czech ones are among the worst motherf*ckers. They had it coming.”

“Death to the occupiers! Long live the resistance fighters!” he added.

Kesudis wrote that the Czech soldiers were just occupiers, adding that “I am grateful to the Afghan resistance fighters for having getting us rid of the scum. We will do better without them.”

An expert report, on which the indictment is based, has written that the statements clearly correspond with the criminal act because its author has clearly sided with the terrorist organizations Taliban and al-Qaida, Právo writes.

“He has labeled not only Czech soldiers, but also all ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] soldiers as occupiers,” the expert report said.

“The use of these words cannot be explained other than as a sign of hatred for a group of people who have risked their lives and health within help to others,” it added.

Chairman of the Ostrava Communist branch Oldřich Jakubek told the paper Kesudis’s party membership was suspended at his own request.

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