Nuclear firm Škoda JS denies it is under investigation

Press reports linked the firm alleged bribery and money laundering

Plzeň, West Bohemia, Jan 2 (ČTK) — Škoda JS, which provides the production of nuclear plants equipment and its servicing, is not being investigated by either Czech or Swiss police, its management told the Czech News Agency in reaction to information published in Czech media in the past days.

The firm was neither accused nor suspected of a crime, it added.

The media reported that the firm was suspected of having bribed a Ukrainian politician who had secured contracts for it.

A Swiss state attorney’s office is looking into the case, they wrote.

Daily Právo reported that the investigation focused on the chairman of the parliamentary commission for fuels, energy, nuclear policy and security.

A source in Právo, who requested anonymity, said the Swiss judiciary had launched the investigation on suspicion of bribing foreign officials and money laundering.

At the beginning of December, policemen searched the premises of the Škoda JS company to get the documents required by Swiss judiciary bodies.

“The company released copies of the required documents to the police completely voluntarily on Dec. 10. It was no police raid like the media reported. It was a standard act of legal aid within a broader investigation by the Swiss police on suspicion of crimes committed by a foreign citizen,” Škoda JS said in its official statement.

The provided documents are not related to the person mentioned in the daily, it added.

Škoda JS, a firm with a 60-year history in nuclear energy, is trading with a number of world companies, including the Energoatom NAEK Ukrainian power company, which is our important and respected customer,” its general director Miroslav Fiala said.

“All our activities are fully in harmony with both Czech laws and the laws of our foreign business partners,” he said.

Russian mechanical-engineering group OMZ has owned Škoda JS  since 2004. It is not related to the carmaker of a similar name.

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