Close call at demolition goes viral

One man injured when rubble from OP Prostejov flies into crowd

A Youtube video of a building demolition in the Czech Republic went viral, with more than 300,000 views since June 29, before being removed and reposted.

Six buildings belonging to former clothing factory for OP Prostejov in the town of Prostejov were demolished June 28. A stone from the explosion flew into the crowd, causing a minor injury.

“I was shooting for the first time and I felt safe. Suddenly a piece of concrete and hit me in the arm,” Lukáš Linka said, according to He added that it is impossible to protect everyone and people go to see things like demolitions at their own risk.

He was also the only one who needed attention. “We treated a young man who suffered minor injuries,” said Hana Szotkowská, a spokesman for Agel, which manages the Prostejov hospital.

A second video shows the demolition from a safer distance.

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