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Street art in Prague
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Local’s Guide to Prague Street Art

Street art in Prague has an international influence. The Slovakian connection remains strong, as reaching Bratislava is a morning train away, but so are Berlin and Vienna, among other cities. Nor is Prague the only Czech star of street art. Other Czech cities like Brno and Olomouc shouldn’t be overlooked. Brno, for instance, had a… Keep Reading

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Beer spa in Prague with a drinkable difference

Beer-themed venue with Krušovice on tap and water containing hops and yeast is popular with couples The Czech Republic could be described as the world’s beer capital, given that its citizens are the largest per capita consumers of the beverage anywhere on earth. And this does not include the amount consumed at beer spa’s in… Keep Reading

Sleigh Bells
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Indie all the way

Sleigh Bells: femme-fatale vocals and stabbing synthesizer New York duo Sleigh Bells are like David Lynch at his most discordant. Dreamlike one minute and nightmarish the next, they craft melodious yet unsettling slabs of static-heavy electro-rock pitched somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and The Ronettes. Sleigh Bells’ codified beats and nods to ’60s pop sound… Keep Reading

Jaroslava Skleničková
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Horror through a child’s eyes

Jaroslava Skleničková’s memoir of the Lidice massacre offers warmth amid tragedy It took Jaroslava Skleničková more than half a century to put her experiences following the Lidice massacre to paper, and yet what has emerged is not an embittered account of the hardships she endured but rather a heartwarming testimony to the strength of human… Keep Reading

Czech Philharmonic to again have new director
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Czech Philharmonic to again have new director

Leader musicians term ‘puppet’ resigns under pressure After just four months, it’s once again time to fill the director’s position at the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, following Václav Kasík’s resignation Aug. 31. Kasík, the former director of Czech Radio, was named – without a selection process – as head of the Philharmonic by former Culture Minster… Keep Reading

weird christmas around the world
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Christmas traditions as celebrated around the world

Christmas is a world of best wishes expressed with a variety of traditions. Nowadays, traveling for Christmas isn’t just about visiting Grandma. With the convenience of Internet shopping its easier than ever to travel to a country looking for a White Christmas, curious about fascinating Christmas traditions and taking delight in exploring cultures. Here are… Keep Reading

Cronenberg Evolution
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Cronenberg: Evolution opens at House of the Stone Bell

Film props and related items cover the entire career of the Canadian filmmaker Props, sketches and promotional material from across the career of Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg make up the show Cronenberg: Evolution, now at the House of the Stone Bell. A retrospective of films will run throughout the length of the exhibit, with five… Keep Reading

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‘Lost’ Mozart and Salieri work performed again in Prague

A small joint collaboration between the authors was hiding in plain sight since 1950 A musical collaboration between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri that was long considered lost has been found in a Czech music archives. While fictional accounts such as the play and film Amadeus portray the two as bitter rivals, the newly… Keep Reading

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Mozart and Salieri song discovered in archives

The rivals of the film ‘Amadeus’ apparently collaborated on music in real life A musical composition co-written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri was found after more than 200 years by employees of the Czech Museum of Music in Prague. The work will be presented to the media next week. It is reportedly a… Keep Reading

Gene Deitch
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Gene Deitch’s memoir is back in a new edition

Just one American lived in Prague from 1959 to the Velvet Revolution Gene Deitch is still in Prague, and a newly expanded sixth edition of his book For the Love of Prague tells the unique story of his trip here in 1959 to oversee new editions of Tom and Jerry cartoons. The trip would never end,… Keep Reading

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