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View of Prague in 1785 Wikimedia Commons

When Mozart Met Casanova

The tradition that Mozart met Casanova in 1787 is another of Prague’s mysteries. Trying to explore whether they did in the absence of good evidence means that inevitably, the same legends are
November 1, 2019
Palais Pachtuv

Mozart and the Palais Pachtuv in Prague

Oral tradition acquires in time, of course, its significant historical value, however little actual evidence exists to corroborate it. Such traditions weave themselves like threads into part of a much richer tapestry,
August 3, 2019
Prague Micro Festival

Prague Microfestival 2019 Marks its 11th Edition

Prague Microfestival (PMF) is an annual international festival of the arts, combining contemporary writing with art, film, and performance. Every year PMF welcomes renowned and budding authors from across the world, letting
April 26, 2019
elvish book

The Fantastic Rise of Constructed Languages

Constructed languages differ from natural languages, which evolve over time because they are deliberately created by individuals or groups of people. They are usually designed for a specific purpose. There are several
March 15, 2019
Mozart letter

Mozart’s Letters and Prague

Mozart’s letters are unique. Like those of any composer, we are given a rare insight into the man behind the music, in his own words. We are so used to ‘hearing’ Mozart
September 13, 2018
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