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Lou Reed and Vaclav Havel

Talk on the Wild Side

Two old friends to chat in public about crossing borders It’s not clear if Vaclav Havel is a bigger fan of Lou Reed or if Reed is a bigger fan of Havel.
June 6, 2005
Kerry and Bush

Research: Bush, Kerry royalty

Author claims scoop; Czech experts doubt links to aristocratic past Whoever wins the race to the White House this year, the president of the United States is sure to be a direct
June 10, 2004
Comics culture in Czechia

Comics culture in Czechia

Bringing a new graphic art form to Czech audiences is a job for superheroes Anyone who still thinks that comics are just kid stuff should spend a few minutes with Martin Trojan.
May 8, 2003
Janacek with his wife

Two Faces of Janáček

A Review of My Life with Janáček: the Memoirs of Zdenka Janáčková. Translated and Edited by John Tyrrell (London, 1998). By Thomas D. Svatos The explosive artist whose compositional imagination was primed
September 22, 1999
czechia flag

Searching For A Hero

Frantisek Josef Geisler was studying agriculture at Brno University in 1939 when Hitler’s troops invaded Czechoslovakia. Determined not to fight in the armies of the Third Reich, he was one of many
September 14, 1994
czechia flag

Helen Epstein: Growing Up Czech in New York

Born in Prague in late 1947, three months before Czechoslovakia went communist, baby Helen Epstein emigrated legally in mid-1948 with her parents, Kurt and Franciska, who, as their families’ sole survivors of
July 27, 1994
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