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March 29, 2024

Mozart: Locked In at Bertramka?

Local Prague legends say that W. A. Mozart was locked in a room at least twice in the Bohemian capital as a playful exercise to compel him to compose something. The fruits of this seemingly involuntary confinement are thought to have been his 6 German
The Benally

Native American fireball punk

The history of rock ‘n’ roll, like just about everything in the Americas, is inseparable from the Native American legacy. From the beginning, Johnny Cash, claiming Cherokee heritage, shared Elvis’ early rockabilly
February 26, 2009
Bohemian National Hall NYC

Bohemian center reopens in NYC

h2>Gov’t funds building of Czech expat hub New York City When George Suchánek moved from his native Czechoslovakia to New York City in 1965, he was seeking a lifetime opportunity. As many
October 8, 2008
Author Nancy Huston

Author Nancy Huston is a success in any language

It’s difficult to think of two more rivalrous literatures than English and French. The studied aloofness — the French were the last to acknowledge Shakespeare, while Anglophones have never fully appreciated Hugo,
September 24, 2008
2007 Prague Quadrennial

Behind the scenes

A glossy assessment of last year’s global theater festival A year past the 2007 Prague Quadrennial, that Olympiad for scenographers, costumers and lighting technicians, the Theater Institute has at last issued a
July 16, 2008
The Sixth Dynasty tomb

Fifty years of Czech Egyptology

Local scientists have led some of the most important excavations The history of the country’s accomplishments in the field of Egyptology hits an important milestone this year as the Czech Institute of
April 2, 2008

Poetry in motion

Czech verse garners an audience abroad It’s a Tuesday night in London’s bustling Soho district, where a small crowd of literati has gathered on the top floor of Foyle’s Bookshop. They have
November 7, 2007
Erick van Ereraat

Merging old with new

Erick van Egeraat opens architecture exhibit in Old Town Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat has had an office in Prague since 1999, but his building creations are mostly found elsewhere around Europe.
September 19, 2007
Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas: The Satanic Inspiration

Legend holds that the world’s biggest Bible is the work of the devil How does one gauge the value of a soul? Faust learned this lesson the hard way, by selling his
September 12, 2007
Bohumil Bob Krcil

Bohumil “Bob” Krčil: Odyssey in exile

The world as seen by an enterprising Czech photographer Bohumil “Bob” Krčil was a nomad who photographed cultures around the world. Born in 1952 in Prostějov, south Moravia, Krčil left Czechoslovakia in
July 25, 2007
Opera star Michele Crider

A skillful jump into the fire

Opera star Michele Crider responds to a last-minute call with aplomb Michele Crider was doing some gardening at her home in Austria one day two weeks ago when the phone rang. It
June 6, 2007
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