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2007 Prague Quadrennial
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Behind the scenes

A glossy assessment of last year’s global theater festival A year past the 2007 Prague Quadrennial, that Olympiad for scenographers, costumers and lighting technicians, the Theater Institute has at last issued a book on the event. Edited by Arnold Aronson, the famed American theater scholar who served as the PQ’s general commissioner, Reflections on the… Keep Reading

The Sixth Dynasty tomb
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Fifty years of Czech Egyptology

Local scientists have led some of the most important excavations The history of the country’s accomplishments in the field of Egyptology hits an important milestone this year as the Czech Institute of Egyptology turns 50. The birthday of the institute, located in Prague, will be celebrated with a series of exhibitions in Egypt as well… Keep Reading

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Poetry in motion

Czech verse garners an audience abroad It’s a Tuesday night in London’s bustling Soho district, where a small crowd of literati has gathered on the top floor of Foyle’s Bookshop. They have come to listen to a reading given by two Czech contemporary poets whose work has been translated into English and published in a… Keep Reading

Erick van Ereraat
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Merging old with new

Erick van Egeraat opens architecture exhibit in Old Town Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat has had an office in Prague since 1999, but his building creations are mostly found elsewhere around Europe. Despite this, the Czech capital is still a huge source of inspiration for van Egeraat, who attributes much of his creative energy to… Keep Reading

Codex Gigas
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Codex Gigas: The Satanic Inspiration

Legend holds that the world’s biggest Bible is the work of the devil How does one gauge the value of a soul? Faust learned this lesson the hard way, by selling his soul and then regretting it. American musician Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul in order to become the best guitar player the blues… Keep Reading

Bohumil Bob Krcil
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Bohumil “Bob” Krčil: Odyssey in exile

The world as seen by an enterprising Czech photographer Bohumil “Bob” Krčil was a nomad who photographed cultures around the world. Born in 1952 in Prostějov, south Moravia, Krčil left Czechoslovakia in 1969, living in exile until his death in New York City in 1992 and capturing his life’s journey in exceptional photographs. Before this… Keep Reading

Opera star Michele Crider
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A skillful jump into the fire

Opera star Michele Crider responds to a last-minute call with aplomb Michele Crider was doing some gardening at her home in Austria one day two weeks ago when the phone rang. It was her agent in New York City, asking if she would consider going to Prague to sing Tosca. “When do you need me?”… Keep Reading

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Ivan Mackerle: Here be monsters

For the past 30 years, this self-made cryptozoologist has traveled the world searching for creatures that defy documenting Maybe he found it in the Gobi desert as his explosives concussed beneath the dunes, sussing out a legendary worm. Or perhaps it was while hacking through the thick of Madagascar’s jungles in search of a man-eating… Keep Reading

Bohumil Hrabal
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Ill serving a sage of Czech literature

Jiří Menzel’s latest take on Bohumil Hrabal fails I Served the King of England Directed by Jiří Menzel With Oldřich Kaiser, Ivan Barnev, Julia Jentsch, Martin Huba, Josef Abrhám and Marián Labuda Contemporary Czech cinema began with the novelist Bohumil Hrabal. It was from his collection of short stories that the nascent Czech New Wave… Keep Reading

Steve Jones
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Still packing heat

Ex-Sex Pistol brings his band for a dose of Prague culture A plaque now marks the spot at St. Martin’s School of Art in London where, Nov. 6, 1975, four sour-faced reprobates calling themselves The Sex Pistols made their live debut. Deliberately unrehearsed and reportedly delivering a cacophonous racket of a set, the band was… Keep Reading

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