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Jonathan Ledgard

Giraffe: A book by Jonathan Ledgard that explores secrets

A state cover-up forms the basis for a sinister fairy tale in Jonathan Ledgard’s novel Jonathan Ledgard’s first novel, Giraffe, is a many-faceted work that reads like a dark Central European bedtime story at times and like a spare Cold War thriller at others. The book, which grew out of his discovery of a secret… Keep Reading

Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas: The Devil’s Bible

A legendary work returns to Prague More than 350 years after it was looted from Prague by the Swedish Army during the Thirty Years’ War, a famous medieval text will return to its native land, though only temporarily. The Codex Gigas often referred to by its sexier name, the Devil’s Bible — should be on… Keep Reading

franz ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand gets back to dance basics

Too sexy for their art In a world gone mad with retro, at least one band does the ’80s justice. The reigning archdukes of British pop, Franz Ferdinand, are bringing their sexually potent mix of punk-rock laced with disco to Prague, preceded by an avalanche of hype. The band has been ordained as nothing less… Keep Reading

Kerry and Bush

Research: Bush, Kerry royalty

Author claims scoop; Czech experts doubt links to aristocratic past Whoever wins the race to the White House this year, the president of the United States is sure to be a direct descendant of the ancient rulers of Bohemia, according to one researcher. Miloslav Rechcigl, a U.S. author of Czech origin, says he has traced… Keep Reading

Comics culture in Czechia

Comics culture in Czechia

Bringing a new graphic art form to Czech audiences is a job for superheroes Anyone who still thinks that comics are just kid stuff should spend a few minutes with Martin Trojan. Actually, that’s all the time Trojan can spare these days. He’s hard at work at his Comics Centrum shop and publishing company, which… Keep Reading

Janacek with his wife

Two Faces of Janáček

A Review of My Life with Janáček: the Memoirs of Zdenka Janáčková. Translated and Edited by John Tyrrell (London, 1998). By Thomas D. Svatos The explosive artist whose compositional imagination was primed by those melodic fragments of speech he could notate in seconds, one of the greatest musical dramatists opera has ever seen, Leoš Janáček… Keep Reading

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