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Car Fairytales
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AniFest 2011 Animation Festival

Biggest animations of the year battle it out for prize The two biggest Czech animated films of 2011 will go head-to-head at the 10th annual AniFest, in the international feature-length competition in the town of Teplice. Autopohádky (Car Fairytales) and Fimfárum – Do třetice všeho dobrého (Third Time Lucky) were both released in cinemas across… Keep Reading

Traditional giftgiver Jezisek
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Local holiday tradition is tested by global forces

Czech kids stick with Ježíšek over Santa Claus on Christmas He survived the Nazis and the communists, but he may be facing his toughest foe yet: Santa Claus. The traditional Czech Christmas gift bearer, Ježíšek (Baby Jesus), has endured many a political and social change, but could globalization be his final undoing? One group, Zachraňte… Keep Reading

Adolf Hitler
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Worse than advertised

History of the 1930s-’40s shows the truth is darker than you thought The horrors of the Holocaust are well-documented. But what if they were actually worse than you think? And what if the Holocaust, when put in context, is only a fraction of the mass civilian slaughtering (14 million people in total) that took place… Keep Reading

Strahov Library Prague
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Help Poet Dean Young

Poet Dean Young, author of ten books and perhaps the leading American surrealist, has a degenerative heart condition that requires an immediate transplant. You can help by making a donation to the National Foundation for Transplants. Please read this appeal from poet Tony Hoagland and consider making a donation. Dear Friends, If you are reading… Keep Reading

Prague, view of Kampa island from the Charles bridge.
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Prague in miniature

Prague. Beautiful, ain’t she? Recently, The Prague Post received an email with a link to a real gem of a video. Set to Tchaikovsky’s dainty Nutcracker Suite, Little Praha is Emiliano Ruprah’s envisagement of Prague as a miniature city. By speeding up the shots, blurring them around the edges and flooding them with vivid light… Keep Reading

Sinai landscape
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The Wasteland of Poetry Criticism

“No one reads poetry anymore” is perhaps the most often voiced complaint from contemporary poets, and despite the fact that what they really mean is “No one reads my poetry,” it is difficult to argue this point when one casts an eye on the barren landscape of poetry criticism in the mainstream media. Some optimistic… Keep Reading

Former Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek
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Documentary Český mír is staying on the radar

Film takes top honors at film festival in South Korea Perhaps one of the funniest moments of the documentary Český mír (Czech Peace), which explores the proposed construction of a U.S. military radar base on Czech soil, is a scene that shows a number of older Czechs protesting against the radar project, yelling the popular… Keep Reading

Jachym Topol
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Topol Takes Seifert Prize

Congratulations to Jáchym Topol, who has been awarded the 2010 Jaroslav Seifert Prize, the most prestigious literary award in the Czech Republic. Topol, who has published five novels in addition to poetry collections, novellas and essays, was given the prize for his latest novel, Chladnou Zemí, or Cold Land, published in 2009. The prize includes… Keep Reading

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Germans lost their art, too

Family says Albright’s father took paintings When Washington Post reporter Michael Dobbs researched his biography on Madeleine Albright, he helped revive a claim against Albright’s family concerning artwork allegedly appropriated by her father, the late Czechoslovak diplomat Josef Korbel. The descendants of the family that originally owned the works of art – which include paintings… Keep Reading

Digging up Brahe
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Digging up Brahe

A search for clues to the famous astronomer’s death and life If everything goes according to plan, sometime in November a group of about a dozen Czech and Danish scientists will descend on the Church of Our Lady Before Týn on Old Town Square. Soon thereafter, a man who has been dead for more than… Keep Reading

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