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Review: Iron Man 3

Franchise officially comes to an end, but with such slow development, there may be another one yet The Iron Man trilogy concludes with fire, and lots of it, but while there is always a chance of the iron phoenix rising again, it seems this is the end of the road for the franchise, although the… Keep Reading

John Carter
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Movie Review: John Carter

A film about interplanetary travel and fashionable Martian loincloths John Carter has swords, gold-encrusted combat gear and plenty of foreign creatures that prepare for battle in the deserts of Mars, circa 1880, but don’t be put off: The film has much more going for it than one would expect. John Carter *** Directed by Andrew… Keep Reading

jumper movie
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Movie Review: Jumper ( Feeding time at the zoo )

Another bucket of scraps thrown to the audience Viewership for this year’s Oscars telecast was reportedly one of the lowest on record. While it would be easy to cheer this development if it evinced some public impatience with the event’s smarmy, self-congratulatory air or its sub-Busby Berkeley interpretations of theme songs, it’s less encouraging to… Keep Reading

Stillking Films
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Stillking is still king

Prague-based producers bring two new films Whatever one’s opinion might be of Daniel Craig having assumed the Bond tux, there’s no denying that Casino Royale was an international hit, as well as a major success for Barrandov Studios and the Prague-based producers of Stillking Films. Rather than resting on its recent achievements, the Stillking crew… Keep Reading

Jiří Ovečka
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ČTV documentary angers Muslims

A Czech Television (ČTV) documentary is threatening to raise tensions within the country’s Muslim population to a level not seen here during weeks of recent global unrest over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Ambassadors to the Czech Republic from Arab nations and members of the Czech Muslim community say they are outraged… Keep Reading

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