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Movie review: The Giver

Science-fiction film based on popular young adult novel is superficial but engrossing A little knowledge can go a long way, but once we’ve bitten the apple, there is no turning back. Although never explicitly mentioned, the story of Adam and Eve is central to the events of The Giver, a new film by Phillip Noyce… Keep Reading

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Movie review: The Edge of Tomorrow

It’s always back to the present for Tom Cruise in a rather enjoyable futuristic action film In The Edge of Tomorrow, mimics are taking over the world, and it’s up to one man to save mankind from certain destruction. “Mimics” are violent aliens that look like metallic tree roots, in other words, something organic we… Keep Reading

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Take your street to the screen

New project encourages people to use video to add life to a street map When we look at a street map, we see two-dimensional space, unless we have one of those pop-up maps that used to be so popular. But even then, the rather lifeless map comprising lines, curves, text and a handful of colors… Keep Reading

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Movie review: Olga

Rosy documentary about former first lady tells a lot, shows rather little Nobody will remember Livia Klausová, and Ivana Zemanová is all but invisible — a complete unknown, hidden from view — to the general public. Perhaps not since the short-lived first ladyships of two of the first holders of the office, Charlotta Garrigue Masaryková… Keep Reading

Movie review: The Physician
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Movie review: The Physician

Historical epic points out the danger of religious intolerance, and of the intolerance of religion A story about the dangers of religious extremism and the wonders of the Orient, The Physician is a 150-minute film that uses a great deal of computer generated images to conjure up a tale as stunning as anything told to… Keep Reading

hunger games catching fire
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Hunger Games shoot moves to Europe

Battle scenes will take place in Paris and Berlin Filming on the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy has wrapped in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be moving to housing projects near Paris and the disused Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, according to film industry sources and postings on social media site Twitter. Filming in Atlanta… Keep Reading

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Věra Chytilová dies at age of 85

Czech Republic’s most famous female director passes away nearly 50 years after her career-making ‘Daisies’ The director and screenwriter Věra Chytilová, the first lady of Czech film, died today in Prague at the age of 85. Her family broke the news to the Czech News Agency (ČTK). As a filmmaker, Chytilová already made news with… Keep Reading

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A big-screen Persian party

Début of director Ali Ahmadzadeh takes top honors at Festival of Iranian Films The third Festival of Iranian Films, which took place at the Světozor and Oko cinemas Jan. 8–12 and showcased nearly two dozen motion pictures from the Islamic Republic, announced the winning titles Jan. 13. Kami’s Party (Mehmouniye Kami), the début film of… Keep Reading

tri orisky pro popelku
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Christmas means it’s time for ‘pohádky’

A selection of some of the best Czech fairy tales on television this festive season A national tradition (almost) as fundamental a part of the country’s cultural identity as Christmas carp is the fairy tale, known in Czech as pohádka. The former Czechoslovakia’s output of stories of this genre was prolific, and even after the… Keep Reading

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Review: Iron Man 3

Franchise officially comes to an end, but with such slow development, there may be another one yet The Iron Man trilogy concludes with fire, and lots of it, but while there is always a chance of the iron phoenix rising again, it seems this is the end of the road for the franchise, although the… Keep Reading

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