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Why Marketing Agencies Write The Best Web Content?

Why Marketing Experience Is Necessary When Writing Web Content?

At some point, you’ll need to create substantial content for your website. However, if you don’t have a background in marketing, writing your own content can be challenging.

If you’re a great writer, you can craft wonderful sales letters and page copy. You can follow basic marketing advice. You may even know your market well enough to capture their attention with fantastic headlines. However, without a background in marketing, you won’t know how to appeal to your market’s deepest desires, which is where the real money is.

Marketers can tailor the level of comprehension in copy

You might be the most prolific writer in the world and still be unable to write for your market. Writing content isn’t only about writing well, but rather, writing for the appropriate level of comprehension.

Before writing content, consider who your market is. Are they industry professionals? If so, it’s okay to write from a higher level of understanding, provided that content is relevant to what you’re selling. If your market is the average consumer, you need to dial it down.

Tech companies and medical practices are the most common businesses with web content that reads above most people’s heads. Technical terms and jargon common to the business aren’t so common to the visitor. “The largest problem we see when we take over content for a client is the level of writing, say medical marketing experts. “Not that it is poorly written, but that it is written by a doctor or other medical professional.”

Sticking with the above example, content aimed at other medical professionals is the only reason to write at a higher level.

Marketers know what your market really wants

To reach high volume sales, you’ve got to appeal to what your market really wants. This isn’t always obvious. For example, a business owner who just published the first book might write the following sentence:

“When you buy this book, you’ll learn how to implement my proven success strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction.”

This sentence seems logical and sounds like it might work. Business owners always want strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction. However, it’s not powerful nor is it convincing. The sentence only captures the surface desire to be successful. Everyone wants success, but what does that look like? Unless you paint the picture of success with your copy – and your visitors can see themselves living in that picture of success – it has no power.

Here’s an example of how the same message would be crafted by someone with a marketing background:

“Buy this book today and start planning that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.”

This sentence has power because it appeals to the visitor’s deeper desire: to take a vacation.

If you’re wondering what taking a vacation has to do with success strategies, the answer is everything. Business owners want proven success strategies because that’s what they believe will help them reach their deepest desire.

Marketers can easily identify deepest desires

Unlocking your market’s deepest desire is something marketers have extensive experience with. They’ve already performed the studies, conducted the surveys, compiled the research, and have been putting that data into practice for years.

Some people want to be famous, while others want to be rich. Some want to be happy, and others – like many entrepreneurs – want to be free. Not just financially free, but completely free to live life on their terms. They haven’t had a vacation in years, and if you can appeal to them on that level, you can sell them just about anything.

A secret hidden in plain sight

Marketers know the value of appealing directly to your market’s dreams. This is one of the biggest marketing secrets hidden in plain sight. The reason it’s still a secret, despite being widely discussed, is because it takes the experience to execute correctly.

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