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6 Tips for More Effective Use of Retail Displays

Every retailer needs to move their inventory. This naturally leads to ensuring that you have as much product on the floor as possible. The problem here is that you can overload your customers – they need the right balance between selection and creative atmosphere. Using retail displays correctly can help you achieve that balance. Here are six tips to help you improve your retail business.

Less Is More

Let’s start with one of the most common mistakes – giving customers too many options. Yes, you want to have your full range of inventory reflected, but that doesn’t mean you need your entire backroom on the sales floor. Instead, use retail displays to artfully show off your wares, the selection of products or clothing you carry and do so without overloading your customers’ senses.

Use the Right Retail Displays

The right retail displays make a huge difference in your success (or lack thereof). Make sure that you’re not just cramming everything on shelves. Yes, shelving is vital, but break out of the mold. Use smaller shelves, tables, wall shelves, wall hangers, hanging racks, and the full range of display types at your disposal.

Let Creativity Run Free

Don’t get stuck thinking that your customers only want a practical experience. Give them something a bit creative, and you might be surprised at how well your items sell. This tip applies to your retail displays, but also to window displays and the like. A little creativity can show off your products to their best advantage and draw window shoppers inside to see what else you offer.

Theme It

Make sure you have a theme present in your displays. Your theme can be store-wide – celebrating the return of summer at the beach, for instance. Or, you can theme-specific sections of your store. Gender and age-specific clothing are great examples here, but you can do the same thing no matter what type of retail operation you run. A theme helps your customers identify areas where they want to explore and waste less time.

Backdrops Help

This tip can be used in any type of situation involving retail displays, from window arrangements to wall displays and everything in between. What can you use as a backdrop? Almost anything will work in a pinch. A single piece of colored fabric can do the trick or go with one that features a print or pattern that ties into your theme. You can also use other items – draw a sun on a piece of cardboard, color it, and then cut it out and hang it up to evoke summer fun.

Put It in Easy Reach

Our final tip has little to do with making your retail displays eye-catching and more to do with ensuring your customers are easily able to get at what they want. Often, retailers place shelves and racks so that items are positioned either too high or too low for customers to easily reach. Make things easy on your buyers by positioning them correctly.

If you need any help with retail displays, contact your local shop fittings supplier.

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