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Things You Should Know Before Sending A Parcel Abroad

March 15, 2018

We all have our reasons for needing to send a parcel abroad, whether that’s because you’re a global business and have other offices dotted around the globe, or whether you have a family member living overseas and they have a birthday coming up. Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to ensure that your parcel delivery experience is as seamless as possible, and while using comparison websites such as will help you to secure an affordable price, there are other things you should be aware of before sending a parcel.

Research The Country’s Specific Regulations

When sending items to another location in the same country, there is often no need for extra documentation, but as soon as your parcel passes through borders, you’ll often find additional documents necessary. The specifications can completely differ from country to country, so you’ll want to conduct your research first to ensure that you have enclosed the correct information with your parcel. When sending a parcel outside of the EU for example, it’s mandatory that you complete and attach a customs invoice with your package, and fill out the document to a highly accurate standard. Otherwise, you could encounter serious issues with your parcel.

Package Your Parcel Securely

Sending a parcel abroad almost guarantees the increased risk of damage and breakages for the contents due to the long transit that it must endure, however, potential damage can be avoided. When it comes to the wellbeing of your parcel and the contents of it, it’s entirely your responsibility to package it sufficiently to prevent any breakages. Always wrap everything in your parcel individually with bubble wrap, and fill any outstanding gaps between items with Styrofoam packaging ‘peanuts’ or scrunched up newspaper to prevent collisions.

Are There Prohibited Or Restricted Items?

Similar to the mandatory documents required by different countries, you will also find that prohibited and restricted items will vary depending on the country that you’re trying to ship to, and breaching these regulations will result in several complications for your delivery. Generally, liquids and perishable items cannot be sent abroad. However, there are many more specific restrictions to make yourself aware of. Every country will have their individual customs and embassy website, so just give this a read before you decide to send your parcel, otherwise you could find yourself paying additional fees and delaying the entire delivery process.

Pick A Courier You Trust

We’ve all seen videos of couriers taking very little care with their parcels, throwing them left, right and center. Sending a parcel abroad is a considerable feat for any courier, meaning that the delivery will need to be handled with the utmost care to ensure it reaches its destination safely. For your sanity and peace of mind, ensure that you only select a courier that you trust with your parcel delivery. Otherwise, you run the risk of breakages within your parcel, which usually will be labeled as insufficient packaging on the sender’s behalf.

International parcel delivery can be daunting at first, however by taking the correct precautions before you decide to send off your parcel, you can rest assured that it will arrive undamaged and in one piece at the destination address.

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