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July 18, 2017

The Latest Essential Tech for Your Small Business

Small businesses rely on technology to track expenditure, manage profits and improve their performance. Technology is constantly evolving and improving, so it is essential for small businesses to keep up with the latest arrivals to prevent them from falling behind and running into financial difficulties. A short term loan can help your business to get off the ground but investing in technology is the way forwards.

Mobile Technology

Everyone has a mobile phone these days, which means that small businesses need to take advantage of mobile technology to grow their audience. Most people access the internet on their phone, so it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website to avoid losing leads. Also, some search engines are starting to reward mobile-friendly websites and are ranking them higher than regular internet sites.

Apps are another essential part of the mobile technology for businesses. Developing your mobile app can increase your sales and set your small business apart from the crowd. It is now easier than ever to do this, with many application development classes aiming to teach users how to build their app.

Cloud Storage

Storing data in a remote location, instead of on the premises on a hard drive, is becoming increasingly popular for businesses. Cloud storage is ideal for small businesses because it has a much larger capacity, it is easily accessible from various devices, and it can be cheaper than setting up a data center on-site. The main concern for users of cloud storage is security. However, as long as you establish the security services available from your provider and take the necessary steps to protect your data, security shouldn’t be an issue.

Chat Bots

Regular users of online shopping websites will be familiar with the pop-up chat dialogue asking if there’s anything the business can do to help. These bots are programmed to use Artificial Intelligence to communicate realistically with customers and answer their queries. They can also complete other tasks such as providing an order update status and finding products from the catalog. Small businesses should follow this trend to improve their customer service online and reduce the traffic of calls and emails containing customer queries.

An alternative to this is a live chat service that puts clients in touch with an on-standby agent and solves problems as soon as they arise. This approach is more personal as the agent can recommend products, discuss complaints and provide help based on the individual’s needs. Many people prefer to speak to a real person instead of a computer. A live chat service can significantly improve customer service for your small business.

In the future, no one can predict how much of an impact new technology like AI will have on small businesses. Cyber security remains a key concern for many in this age where technology is evolving at such a rapid pace. However, it is essential for companies to keep up with the latest trends to continually improve their performance and customer service.

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