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August 16, 2017

Reasons why a good office is important for your business

How to create a good office for your business?

The space you conduct your business in will ultimately impact upon your work. A light, airy space will typically inspire creative thinkers, while a dark, dingy basement will make hard times feel so much worse. It may seem like common sense, yet it is often neglected – the place where you do business should be coordinated to optimize your efficiency! Whether you’re looking for offices for sale or thinking of leasing at a co-working venue, read below for the considerations you should keep in mind when finding a business space to call your own.

If your office is the type of place where you’ll regularly meet clients or customers, you’ll need space to host them. This needn’t be a fancy break out area with complimentary refreshments (although bonus points if you do), just a clean and organized area that gives a good impression will suffice. If you’re a clutter prone person, have an exceptional filing system, go paperless or establish a hideaway area that can temporarily house mess at short notice. Depending on your industry, levels of acceptable chaos may vary, but across the board, a clean space is essential. Tatty visitor chairs and grimy surfaces are especially noticeable to new clients, so address these first.

For those who are not customer facing, a good configuration is also important but will focus on different aspects. Instead of a breakout area or space for face-to-face meetings, you might opt for a smaller space that still has the flexibility to cater to occasional visitors on demand.

The location of your office will also be important. A company that deals with high-end clients will be well suited to established business precincts or CBDs, while a business that deals with families may be based in a local neighborhood or shopping center with easier access. For a customer facing office, making it as convenient as possible for people to visit you based upon their lifestyle will assist to maintain clients and attract foot traffic (where applicable). Don’t forget that if you rent a commercial property as your business premises, the rent will be tax deductible. Use this tax break to allow yourself to get into a location that is best suited for your business’ needs.

Finally, the ambiance of your office will also create an impression upon clients and contribute to your productivity as a whole. A vibe is highly subjective and will vary depending on your individual taste, but addressing a few key elements will help you to develop a space that suits you best. Lighting is an essential aspect; natural is best or invest in well-placed lighting options. Avoid the dreaded fluros where possible! Also find an office that has a steady temperature, fluctuations or being either too hot or cold will ultimately detract from your work and motivation to be in your office. Décor is another key factor; find furnishings that reflect how you want your business to be represented and add some personal touches to make your space more engaging.

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