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Traditionally, digital advertising experts design something eye-catching to market products and then pray that it works. The best are artistic geniuses, but there is very little science behind their approach. Quantified Media is taking digital advertising by storm with a combination of the creative strategy employed by others with a dedication to science to change the way others approach digital advertising. The combo has firmly established Quantified Media as a thought leader in the advertising industry. Here are some tips from Quantified Media on how they have become so successful in the advertising space.

Relying on More Than Just a Pretty Website

An appealing website is a must-have for any digital marketing campaign, and Quantified Media delivers one to each of their clients. However, a pretty site alone will not make an advertising campaign successful. Quantified Media understands this, and complements their creative copywriters, website designers, and product creators with data analysts, experienced media buyers, and programmers. The resulting staff composition is incredibly diverse, possessing all the skills necessary to manage every aspect of a digital marketing campaign.

For example, most digital advertisers design the fundamentals of the campaign and consider the job done. They will not assist in the creation of a better user interface to attract more business. They will not (and in most cases, cannot) crunch data to determine which portions of the site are performing and which are not.

Quantified Media changes the digital marketing paradigm by combining these services in one agency that offers a blend of art and science. Their clients receive a gorgeous website with an intuitive interface to attract prospective customers, followed by a complete analysis on what’s working with the new site and what could be better. The requisite adjustments are made, allowing the client’s website to evolve as needed.

Always Seeking New Talent Who are Experts in their Field

Staying current on the latest trends and even starting some yourself are imperative to the success of any advertising agency, and Quantified Media achieves these goals by continually hiring new employees who are experts in their field. The company’s Junior positions are frequently filled by recent college graduates, serving as a pipeline allowing new, fresh ideas into the agency. More senior positions are filled by those with years of experience in their respective fields, adding a sense of pragmatism capable of separating cutting-edge solutions from the bad ideas pitched at every meeting.

All applicants are expected to have a passion for technology, especially for how it can be used to complement the traditional artistic approach to digital advertising. This consistency ensures that all the diverse voices in the room can unite into one cohesive whole dedicated to delivering the best possible results for the brands under their care. For this reason, Quantified Media emphasizes the value of proven team players in all their hiring decisions.

The result is a team with varied skill sets that can come together as a cohesive whole, a prerequisite to deliver on Quantified Media’s promise to marry art with science in their advertising campaigns. It is exceedingly rare for one individual to excel at both art and science, practically mandating a collective approach if Quantified Media is to succeed. Thankfully, the agency has proven that they are up to this challenging task.

Connect with Quantified Media

The best way to stay up to date with the latest developments at Quantified Media is to visit their website, quantified.media. The company also has a solid social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, allowing interested individuals to receive updates in real time.

Advertising as an industry had started to grow stale, but Quantified Media’s unique blend of art and science has served as a breath of fresh air to revitalize it. The sky is the limit for this company’s future!

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