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PinkCilantro on 2018’s Digital Marketing Trends

PinkCilantro is a Houston-based digital marketing company. PinkCilantro takes your success seriously and provides solutions to marketing issues using a data-driven approach. Their unique perspective on the market enables them to make bold choices for their clients. Basya Bensushan shares the top 5 digital marketing trends of 2018 and explains how they can benefit your business.

1. Chatbots and AI

Chatbots can greatly enhance your users’ experience on your website. With a chatbot, a customer can ask questions and leave contact details without having to wait for a human to answer the text messages. Many chatbots are so sophisticated, it’s difficult to tell that you are talking to a computer and not a person.

Having a live chat function on your website gives the impression that you are ready and willing to take customer feedback at any time of day. It makes your company more approachable and increases customer retention.

AI (artificial intelligence) can be a great help to your website in general. AI can target specific consumers with advertisements, making them seamless to the customer’s experience. With AI, your website will be more dynamic and grab more attention.

2. Video

Video has been trending for quite some time, but there are many new developments in the past few years. Live video is a particularly exciting trend. 80% of online visitors would rather watch a live video than click on a blog post. 82% of visitors would prefer to see a live video than read social media text and image posts. Every business should take advantage of this trend. A quality digital marketing firm like PinkCilantro can help your business leverage the possibility of live video.

3. Influencers

Influencer marketing is a trend which is steadily gaining momentum. With influencers, celebrities are paid to use certain products and to incorporate them into their social media posts. Influencers are also encouraged to use these products on television, on the red carpet, and during an event where they are seen in public.

Influencers range from popular social media and video stars to A-list celebrities. Be careful when targeting your audience and choose a celebrity who has value to your desired demographic.

For example, if you are trying to market a luxury car, make sure that you are using a celebrity endorser that is right for the brand. For a startup company such as a makeup brand, a popular beauty blogger may be the right choice for you. As your brand builds momentum, you can progress to more and more prominent influencers. Ideally, your relationship with your influencer will be mutually beneficial, leading to success on both sides of the equation.

4. Personalization

A new trend in email marketing is on-demand personalization. Rather than sending a blast email to all of your customers, consider targeting your email based on purchase history, online behavior, clickthrough, and other factors. Customers are much more likely to open and respond to a personalized email. However, avoid personalizing the subject line. This makes it look like a form letter and will turn off most savvy consumers.

5. Mobile Optimization

Many people do all or most of their online browsing on a smartphone. Some businesses have been shortsighted enough to neglect the mobile side of the experience. Make sure that your website has a mobile version and give it exciting new features like AI and targeted SMS messaging. Create a useful app that will help your consumers take advantage of your services. Make sure that you create both iOS and Android versions. Making sure that you can reach all of your consumers on their preferred platforms is a crucial part of digital marketing.

Pay Attention to Your Message

As with any type of marketing, digital marketing depends on sending a strong message to the consumer. Targeting the right customers means that you will cultivate a dedicated following. Use these digital marketing trends to your advantage and experience greater success with your business.

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