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2009 EU uranium sources Wikipedi
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Uran stumbles in wooing towns

Don’t tell Uran that getting at the uranium buried beneath the Czech Republic isn’t worth it. It has been more than a year since the government rejected the Australian company’s bid to operate and expand the Rožná mine in west Moravia. Since then, Uran, undeterred and motivated by the soaring commodity price of uranium, has… Keep Reading

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New electronic systems ease bureacracy obstacles

Opencard, Czech Point lessen personal record run-around Whether they’re starting a business, filing taxes or simply reporting a change of address, locals have long learned that dealing with the government is no easy feat. With limited communication among individual offices, ordinary citizens are forced to navigate the tangles of a bureaucratic system that dates to… Keep Reading

Zwentendorf nuclear plant
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Pranksters support nuclear plant

Wiki community uses satire to call for launch of Austrian power site The members of Start Zwentendorf, a freshly minted Czech nuclear power advocacy group, are on a bold mission. “We call for the immediate launch of Zwentendorf nuclear power plant,” the group’s Web site proclaims. “Austria’s populist, alibistic, unecological politics must stop.” Zwentendorf, Austria’s… Keep Reading

Czech beer
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The beer in the machine

New scanner enables 24/7 access to cold gold for those with proper ID Probably not for the first time, beer has inspired new technology. While the Czech Republic leads the world in pivo consumption with an annual average of 160 liters (42.3 gallons) per capita, beer until now has only been available from bars and… Keep Reading

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