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Marcus Backlund
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Company takes aim at piracy by enabling ‘view sharing’

Streaming service Voddler arrives in Central Europe With many big-name film and TV streaming services already established, among them Netflix and the mighty Amazon, Stockholm-based Voddler is nothing if not brave to dive into this already crowded market. The Swedish company has launched a platform based around two connected services, the first of which, LiveShelf,… Keep Reading

Solar saturation costs the country billions.
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Solar saturation costs the country billions

Retroactive tax causes rift between solar investors and the government Solar panels are known around the world for being the best method for harvesting energy from the sun, although in the Czech Republic some see them as having a new use: siphoning off public money. Renewable energy has become extremely costly to the government, which… Keep Reading

Michal Šesták
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Search for students continues as currency affects numbers

Australian institutions look to lure English-language learners The endless sunshine of Sydney’s Manly Beach, the rustic allure of Byron Bay, weekend trips into the countryside – there are few countries with a lifestyle that seems as appealing as that of Australia. Like other English-speaking countries – and, increasingly, like some countries where English is not… Keep Reading

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Bulgaria sparks a headache for ČEZ

Company under pressure as its problems in the Balkans start to spread On the heels of street protests and denunciations from politicians, ČEZ saw its spiraling crisis in Bulgaria come to a head Feb. 19 when the government there removed the company’s electricity distribution license. The authorities took the license away over alleged breaches of… Keep Reading

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Budvar mulls its next appeals

Czech firm disappointed, but experts say legal costs are worthwhile investment Budějovický Budvar has indicated it may appeal after suffering a setback in the latest ruling in its century-long legal dispute with an American rival, following a European Union court’s decision that it did not deserve sole rights over the Bud name in the 27-member… Keep Reading

Chinese tourists
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Stores snap up Chinese tourists

Interpreters on hand for visitors from world’s most populous nation Zlata Chrastinová has no doubt which group of tourists is spending most at the Erpet Bohemia Crystal store she manages near Prague’s Old Town Square. “The Chinese are definitely No. 1,” she says. “This year [compared] with last year we see [their spending] has increased… Keep Reading

Advertising on billboards
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Showing the money

Presidential election law leaves holes in the rules of campaign funding As the first-ever direct presidential election in the Czech Republic draws closer, now just two months away, and the list of candidates is whittled down to a handful of names, those still in the race are increasingly competing against each other to court powerful… Keep Reading

prepaid cards mastercard
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Prepaid cards usher in the rise of a cashless society

Imagine a world without cash. There would be no more coins weighing down your purse or wallet and certainly no more visits to the ATM. That scenario seems a long way off, but some inside the banking industry are hoping prepaid cards will be the solution to a cashless future. The cards, which have been… Keep Reading

contactless payment app
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Komerční banka unveils its contactless payment app

Banks look to new mobile technologies to spruce up their services A new wave of mobile technologies, like the Czech National Bank’s “Money” application, above, is facilitating local customer payments via payments via smart-phone and tablet apps.. As Prague becomes ever more accustomed to the sight of iPads, iPhones and other similar gadgets in the… Keep Reading

National Immunization Commission
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Officials hit by charges of graft

Medics, officials enjoyed ski trips and sightseeing excursions to Australia Hundreds of Czech doctors, pharmacists and government officials have been implicated in a global bribery scandal involving the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, while another international drug company has acknowledged it collaborates with most of the members of the National Immunization Commission, the body that determines which… Keep Reading

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