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Anti-corruption law means scrutiny for tenders

Amendment is a ‘major leap forward’ in fight against graft Anti-corruption campaigners are lauding an amendment to the law on public procurements that took effect April 1, and though most agree the changes represent an important step in combating graft and the wasting of public funds, some ministers have warned they will pile on extra… Keep Reading

Monika Gmucová
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Business alternatives for parents

Having children shouldn’t automatically cut off options or halt career growth, Monika Gmucová says. It’s with this idea in mind that Gmucová, along with four other women, came up with the concept of Baby Office, a space where freelance professionals can bring their babies and young children to be supervised through onsite childcare services while… Keep Reading

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Energy: Blackout risk looms

Grid operators say improvements are needed to accommodate increased renewable energy Europe’s goal of amplifying renewable energy usage across a single market is still frustrated by fragmented regional electric grids of varying quality, and as an important electricity transmission country for Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic could face blackouts if a more cohesive… Keep Reading

uranium mine
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Gov’t eyes increased uranium mining

Environmental concerns, memories of communist-era forced labor unearthed Following months of discussions where it has become increasingly clear the government will look to significantly expand the use of nuclear energy to meet a large part of energy demand in the next 60 years, a proposal has emerged that encourages the expansion of uranium mining to… Keep Reading

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Areva talks Temelin bid

French company says nuclear plant tender is about experience Bidding on the lucrative public tender to build two new reactors at ČEZ’s Temelín nuclear power plant opened in October, and the three competitors are lobbying hard to ink contracts with Czech suppliers and contractors to make their bids more attractive when they are submitted next… Keep Reading

EU banking union
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Banker busted in ill-fated caper

Group took advantage of legal shift to profit from torn bank notes Despite the best efforts of 1980s rockers Dire Straits, there remains no such thing as money for nothing, as at least one former Czech National Bank (ČNB) employee is learning the hard way. A recent shift in bank policy sees the holders of… Keep Reading

The Swiss Criminal Court in Bellizona
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Swiss arrest 7 in MUS case

Six Czechs reportedly among those part of privatization scam Seven people suspected of fraud and money laundering during the privatization of Czech coal-mining company Mostecká uhelná společnost (MUS) were seemingly charged by the Swiss general prosecutor’s office Oct. 23. A statement from the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office said only, “Official Swiss prosecutors sued seven people suspected… Keep Reading

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Czechs, Aussies partner on energy

Dozens of scientists at work on thorium, an alternative to uranium For the past five years, a group of Czechs and Australians have been working on the beginnings of a partnership to develop an energy source they say could be the answer to Europe’s growing energy needs and lower emissions goals, but without the safety… Keep Reading

nuclear power plant
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Plan to boost nuclear capacity

Proposal would cut subsidies for renewable energy sources In a draft proposal that goes completely against the anti-nuclear and pro-renewable energy tide in Europe, the Industry and Trade Ministry has suggested boosting nuclear energy capacity to meet 80 percent of domestic energy demands by 2060, while removing coal mining limits and phasing out some renewable… Keep Reading

Restaurants fear smoking ban
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Restaurants fear smoking ban

Health Ministry supports proposal, says the financial savings will outweigh losses A proposed ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and cafés has spurred a debate about how the economic consequences will weigh out, as those against the ban caution that bars and restaurants, as well as state revenue, will suffer if fewer people buy cigarettes,… Keep Reading

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