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November 12, 2020

Moving Offices Without Disrupting Your Business

It’s an exciting time. After all, most companies take the plunge to move office due to immense growth. In other words, they have grown out of their existing surroundings. Before you know it, the team has its sights firmly on a glitzy new space that has all the mod-cons.

However, as glamorous as a new office block might sound, it’s stressful, to say the least. This isn’t just stress on the business owner’s shoulders either, the business as a whole takes it on. If you don’t plan accordingly, there can be a huge amount of disruption that makes many business owners question whether or not the ordeal is worth it.

Of course, it always is, but you have to battle through the initial months. Through today’s post, we will map out some quick tips which can help you make the move without suffering a huge disruption to your company.

Make your move out of hours

You have armed yourself with the best storage boxes and got the elusive office seating plan sorted – but timing is everything in an office move.

While it might be tempting to get employees to chip in to make the move, let’s not forget this is an efficiency nightmare. Before you know it, it will be weeks until you have a full team operating in the office, and we don’t need to highlight the potential repercussions for you then.

Instead, make the move over a weekend or on an evening. It might cost you more in direct fees, but in terms of minimizing disruption, you will not regret it.

It’s not just about furniture – think about services

When most office moves commence, swanky new chairs and other office furniture are usually on the tip of most people’s tongues.

As it turns out, something else should be. Believe it or not, an alarming number of companies do not think about the tech requirements of their new building. This can range from everything to ensure the correct number of power sockets installed (trust us, there is never enough), right the way to making sure the internet is connected and functioning. Again, without any of this tech, the first few weeks will be as inefficient as can be.

The parking-factor

Believe us, it matters. Parking is one of those hotly contested issues, even more so if your company is based in a city-center location which tends to put parking at a premium.

If your employees suddenly have to pay for parking or park a 20-minute walk away from the new building, it’s almost like a salary reduction. As much as the furniture and equipment are of utmost importance, it’s these finer details which can be make-or-break for workers.

Keep everyone updated

Finally, if we were to offer you one last piece of advice it would be about communication. This is a stressful time for everybody and keeping the team updated is paramount to office move success. It might be about timelines, or it might be about who is sat next to who, but these issues play on people’s minds and by tackling them early on you can again minimize any possible disruption.

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