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Management Mavericks Have a Good Team and Get Results

Many birds and some animals stand out in nature because they display bright colors. But, what purpose does this plumage serve? According to studies, many males of the bird species have eye-catching colors so they can capture the attention of the female. Some scientists believe the level of color also shows a corresponding level of fitness in birds, an indication that they’re healthy and in control of a particular area.

Why is this important in a discussion of management mavericks, people who’ve changed the world of business in unique ways and have achieved remarkable success by taking risks and marching to the proverbial “different drum.” In the global economy of the 21st century, it’s not enough to stand out with bright colors and marketing methods that capture attention. This certainly helps, but business owners and managers who truly do things differently and succeed do so with action.

A Good Team?

Research on this subject does show that the management mavericks who truly break the mould clearly understand the strengths of their employees. This understanding includes knowing what type of feedback is effective and appreciated, then using it consistently. How is this different from what’s been done in the past? The leaders who stand out in their organization and their industry don’t try to make one method or feedback type work for all employees. Conversations with each individual can make all the difference.

Take this train of thought a bit further by listening carefully to the people you are leading. There are strong indications that undivided attention is extremely effective. A genuine interest in what employees and colleagues have to say leads to a healthy level of confidence. Aside from sincere and effective communication with others in the company or organization, what do true management mavericks do (other than hear a different drummer)?

Almost every bit of advice about becoming and remaining a better manager includes the idea that a leader is willing to take calculated risks. Safety or hiding in your comfort zone is not the way to separate yourself from the thousands of management professionals who stand out. In fact, you might make progress by focusing on two words: action and innovation.

Getting Results

This may well be one of the most important traits for those who achieve beyond the usual and the normal. Individuals who are recognized as mavericks are committed to getting results, and to do this they balance of creativity and willingness to break the rules with a practical side that keeps them focused on the objective. This last characteristic is best-called perseverance, being unstoppable in pursuing goals.

These mavericks don’t see problems and setbacks. They see opportunities. The difference between a middle-of-the-road manager and a true maverick is the ability to get back on track when temporarily diverted. This sometimes means not abiding by the rules, even when someone else who believes they’re in charge says “It’s not possible.” To put all these details in perspective, the outstanding manager must always see the “big picture” as well. If you can do this, you can be a maverick too.

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