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May 24, 2020

How to Tweak Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns to Maximize Conversions

Why would you even want to consider direct mail in the 21st century? Any matter is communication is done electronically in the present age. So why act like a Grandpa and send a direct mail? Well, if it is good enough for Google, it should be good enough for you. Google is one is the world leaders in technology, and yet they mail a lot of their ad campaigns.

This amount is information might not be enough for you to make direct mail a key component of your marketing strategy. For that, you need to understand the best practices to amplify their returns. Your customers have a very different set of reactions to your direct mail in comparison to digital communication. People would go through, or at least scan through at least 80% of their regular mail, whereas only about 15-20% of emails are ever opened. So if you treat your direct mail like you would any other marketing campaign with a great design, a warm message, and a lucrative offer, you will be surprised by the returns.


Direct mail can be an unparalleled resource to bring customers to your door as well as to your webpage. A lot of businesses are turning digital-only, which gives you an edge over them. Since receiving direct mail is a matter of luxury and joy these days, your campaign will get more attention than those emails landing in the spam folder. It will also show your customers that your care.

Attractive Design

Make sure your mailer’s design matches your brand image. It should look attractive and lucrative enough to compel customers to open it. Use colored envelopes for mailing campaigns, preferably with a smart message on the top. Colored envelopes not only brighten up the mail but can also be a reference to your brand color. Utilize taglines or images that your customers always relate to your business. Pictures speak a thousand words, so convey the message with a picture and limited use of words.

Clear Message

The message inside, as well as on the outside, should be a clear and short one. If the message outside doesn’t appeal to the customer, the entire design might not make much of a difference. The message has the potential to pull on the emotional strings of the customers. An effective massage can mark the difference between a trip back to your business or a quick, short land inside the trash can. Keep the message short, simple, and extremely clear. You might include a QR code for them to scan along with your website’s address. The best mailers that work are coupons are discount cards inside attractive and colored envelopes.

Utilize Database

Utilize your company’s address database to organize a list of highly targeted customers in the demographic that you sell your products or services to. In case you have a physical store, you can gather the data from here as well. It might tempt you to reach out to every customer on the database. But it is smart to target the customers who might want your products or have the convenience to buy them. It will also help you in choosing a message targeted towards them. An offer for children’s clothing would have a lesser effect on a family with no children.

Hire a Professional

Many companies make the mistake of trying to make it themselves. A professional designer can apply consistent design features that would work best with your target market. It also helps to give your mailer that professional finish, even if you are going for a personal or low key design. A professional looking mailer will speak to your customer about your outlook towards your products and services.

Many people would tell you that direct mail generates a very low response rate. But as far as cost per conversion is concerned, direct marketing is challenging to beat. The quality of response is also better than most conversions because the people who respond feel that you care enough to send a direct mail. Here are a few ways you can optimize the direct mail.

  • Mention the actions like “visit our website” or”get a 10% discount”.
  • Time your mails according to events or holidays. You can also include offers for those events.
  • Make it a regular effort. A single batch of mails will not be enough to generate a noticeable change in your business.
  • Identity personal connections and utilize them. In case they left a business card at your store, write a personal message or a hand-written note to them.

Go ahead and try out direct mail for your next ad campaign, and see the results yourself.

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