September 26, 2019

How to Increase the Durability of Your Vinyl Banners

It often happens that after that much-anticipated trade show or corporate event is over, businesses forget about their outdoor vinyl banners altogether. Vinyl banners are made of possibly the most long-lasting material ever: plastic. But for all their durability, vinyl banners, as a material can wear out, start fraying at the edges, fade, and even crack.

At the time of your vinyl poster printing, it pays to remember a few important things about maintaining the durability of your vinyl poster, says an expert at Print Banners, a leading vinyl banner printing company in New York.

vinyl banner

Choose quality vinyl

Vinyl banner signs are everywhere you see, and with a good reason — they are known to be the second most manufactured plastic in the world. To make sure that your vinyl banner stays durable, buy one made of quality materials. The right way to go about it is as follows:

Enquire your supplier about the variants they provide. Do they offer banners in 13 OZ scrim vinyl, which is the standard variety for outdoor signs? If you want an even stronger banner that can withstand the elements, go for the 16 OZ blackout matte one. The point is to know what you’re buying.

In the case of custom vinyl banners, think beforehand about where your banner will be used, or if you will, say, need a backlit one. Consider finishing options like reinforced corners and webbing, or single- and double-layer prints. Don’t skimp on quality.

outdoor banner

Watch how you’re cleaning it

Outdoor banners need to be properly cleaned once in three months. But the mistake people often make is scrubbing them with abrasive surfaces like sponges and paper towels. Wipe them only with a soft, damp cloth, or better still, use a soft cotton or microfiber towels.

If you have to soap-clean your banner, use a mild, odor-free detergent and rinse appropriately before you put it out to air-dry. Avoid using acetone, gasoline, or alcohol to clean them. Using water to wet your custom banner, wipe away dirt gently. In the case of stains, rub firmly but avoid too much force, and dry it completely afterward with a soft, clean cloth.

Ensure proper storage and maintenance

While they are hung up as signs, large vinyl banners undergo fraying from being held up by rope and eyelets. The solution is to snip away the stray threads. Another common form of damage that vinyl banners undergo is cracking. It often happens when they are folded up while storing. It causes creasing and crumpling and eventually weakens the material, causing it to crack. Banners should be rolled up, with graphics or lettering, if any, facing out. However, roll digitally printed vinyl banners with the face on the side.

For those who want to store their banners for a longer period, one good idea is to use storage tubes. Just remember to get one with a protective lining on the inside to avoid fading or damage. Another thing to remember while storing them is to let them dry up completely, as dampness will lead to mildew.

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