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July 1, 2021

How RS Components Made A Name For Itself

As a company, it can be very difficult to assert itself in the highly competitive electrical engineering industry in Europe, but specifically in Germany. However, one company made a very successful entry: RS Components. The well-known brand managed to achieve a high level of awareness in the last 10 years. This is mainly due to the following three reasons:

  1. Charity work: RS is very active and committed in several areas. Among other things, the company campaigns for education and helps sick children. To this end, the company organizes raffles and supports foundations. It was donated to children’s hospices, children’s homes, and care facilities for severely disabled children, adolescents, and young adults.
  2. New technologies: DesignSpark, a platform introduced by RS Components in July 2010, quickly caught on with professionals in the industry. Today more than 970,000 engineers rely on informative resources. The community is growing, not just in Germany, but worldwide. DesignSpark offers high-quality, practical, and user-oriented solutions for developers and is loved by engineers all around the world.
  3. In 2016, RS Components (RS) opened an online shop for private customers from Germany, who now have easier access to the articles via the online platform. The target group of the brand now has many different products such as high-level tools such as anemometers and much more at their disposal. In the field of electrical engineering, there are all sorts of things to buy at RS Components and to order directly at home or work.

RS is one of the most important brands in the distribution of small and medium-sized purchases in the electronics and automation industry. Its success is based on customer-oriented services and the fast and reliable delivery of the products. More than 500,000 goods are included in the company’s range. They are used for research purposes as well as for development, production, and maintenance. Well-known brands are among the company’s customers.

In Germany, for example, products by Deutsche Bahn AG, Max Planck Institute, Carl Zeiss AG, Fraunhofer Institute, Continental AG, Daimler AG, Siemens AG, Thyssen Krupp AG, Vattenfall Deutschland GmbH and Volkswagen AG as well as EON AG are being offered by the distributor. Distribution centers are located in many different locations such as the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, and North America.

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