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The Hidden Costs Of Handling Your Own Shipping For Online Stores

Handling shipping for your small business can be expensive and complicated. You need to know how to manage your shipping, keep costs down to avoid problems in the future. There are several tips listed below that will make your shipping program simpler, cheaper, and more efficient. Consider each option, plan accordingly, and deploy a brand new shipping program.

Start Business Accounts With All Your Shipping Partners

You might look here for information on shipping services. You must create a business account with each company that gives you business rates, pickup options, and packing assistance. A business account typically gives you a bulk/business discount. Plus, you can use a rewards system with your shipping partner to save money.

Offer Free Shipping Only After Customers Spend A Lot Of Money 

Every company can set their free limit wherever they want. You are trying to balance the extra money you are making with the free shipping you are offering. When customers spend extra money, you can dedicate a small portion of your profits to handling shipping.

However, free shipping should only include standard ground shipping. Ask your customers to pay out-of-pocket for 2nd day or overnight shipping.

Ship In Bulk To Save Money 

When you get a bulk discount from your shipping partner, you can save money by shipping as many packages at the same time. Small companies should limit their shipments to one per day. Everything that must be shipped that day can leave your facility at the same time. You will get a bulk discount for the large shipment you created, and you can use those savings to pay for free shipping on certain packages.

Check Prices Carefully

Your shipping program depends on the prices that your partners charge. You may offer free shipping when your customers spend a certain amount, but a rise in shipping costs requires a change in your policy. You must calculate how much money you save when you use bulk shipments. If your price rises, you must compensate for that with a change in prices.

Log Your Shipments Carefully

You must be careful to log your shipments, keep your tracking numbers, and give customers access to their information. You can track packages if your customers call with questions, and your customers can call your shipping partner if there is a problem.

When you have logged your shipments properly, you can file for insurance claims on any packages that are lost or stolen. You can tell your customers precisely when the package left your facility, and you can go so far as recording the name of the driver who picked up the shipment.


When you are handling returns for your customers, you should build the price of a return into every shipment. Of course, you want your customers to be happy. Most people will keep the things they buy, but the extra money you charge will pay for return labels.

You can pay for free returns so that your customers are not annoyed with your company. Plus, you can easily track their shipments, send return labels, send notifications.


Using the tips above will help you create a profitable and efficient shipping program. Your company must be organized, charge fair prices, and save money by using bulk shipments whenever possible.

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