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July 24, 2018

Guaranteed Removals Offers Tips for Improving Online Reputation

In the world of entrepreneurship, the cost of acquiring customers is usually the highest initial investment that companies face. It includes all the funds that businesses must spend to increase brand recognition which, hopefully, leads to conversions. Unfortunately, this is where competitors come in. To attain new customers, one generally has to acquire them from other companies. For example, Walmart must offer something better than Amazon if they want to increase their online sales. As a consequence, customer acquisitions campaigns can be costly when not handled properly.

This is where online reputation comes in. Having an established brand is necessary to maximize the odds of successful customer acquisition projects. Meaning, companies need to invest in credibility and reputation campaigns first to attain more customers. So, what are some important tips all organizations should know when it comes to improving their online image?


Maintaining an online presence is not limited to a single website. Instead, it includes everything from the company’s social media accounts to recent news reports. The company must have a certain degree of consistency to display a solid brand image. Meaning, all of their online presence should be fairly similar. This includes consistent color schemes and similar formatting. For instance, Ernst and Young is an accounting firm that does this well. Their logo is a yellow acronym of the name. Consequently, almost all of their websites and online accounts carry some yellow symbol to maintain consistency.

The easiest way to achieve consistency is to utilize the same team for all online campaigns. That means that a few individuals responsible for website development will also be in charge of keeping the company’s social media up to date. Such an approach ensures that everything the organization does is displayed online accurately and appropriately. It is also a lot easier to keep track of all changes when there is only one team in place. Just think how chaotic it would be to have a different department handle specific online accounts. The amount of coordination necessary would outweigh the benefits by a mile.


The company must be dedicated to maintaining an online reputation. Meaning, their campaigns for credibility have to be on-going. Consider, for instance, how social media platforms operate. Simply posting the firm’s profile will not be enough. Instead, the company must remain active and constantly put out new content to build a following. Once they have people who are interested in their posts, they can begin turning them into buyers.

Strong Social Media

It is almost mandatory for large businesses to have a social media following to appear legitimate to build off the previous point. Given the rapid growth of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, businesses can now rely on these outlets for many things. For instance, all of the websites mentioned above offer great ways to conduct marketing campaigns. To do so, however, one must have a solid page of their own. Thus, investing time in building a great social media platform is just as important as reaching out to customers directly.

Third-Party, Back-End Helpers

To properly maintain an online reputation, many back-end things must be done. First, the company must report any instances of misinformation found on search engines. Doing so helps minimize the negative impact that such data could have on the brand. To do so, however, some specialized help may be required. Enter brand-building companies that handle online reputation. One of these brand-building companies, Guaranteed Removals, notices how businesses often do not even know how much negative publicity surrounds their brand. After all, most entrepreneurs do not have the time to go through everything posted about their organization online.

The problem arises in the long-run. Failing to look at the information posted online frequently could turn into gross negligence. Meaning, the negativity could snowball and eventually take the entire company down. Hence why it is important to run preventive campaigns where experts like the ones from Guaranteed Removals can help. Although it requires a lot of monitoring, evaluating, and repairing, most companies do not have the necessary skills to alter the online image. So, it is a venture worth exploring.


Even though consistency and dedication are needed, they are futile without creativity. In reality, most companies hire younger individuals to monitor their social media accounts. This is done to ensure that creativity levels are up to par. Therefore, having a strong online presence is practically impossible if one does not have creative ideas. For some, it can be a simple social media post that uniquely describes a new product. For others, creativity can also be related to the way that images are edited. Ultimately, as long as the company differentiates themselves from countless opponents, they achieved the necessary levels of creativity.

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