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Effect of Integrating Video into Landing Pages

An online user clicks a link that redirects them to your website. This is their first time visiting your site. Do you know how long you have to capture their interest? 8 seconds. That’s it!

There’s very little chance of people falling in love with your service or product instantly. Landing page videos are just one small aspect of your marketing strategy. However, it’s a good idea to use videos on your landing pages wherever you can.

Long story short, innovative videos sounds like a fun job, but if your content is outdated and boring, even the best of landing page videos won’t be able to salvage your site.

As growth marketing services, suggests, “ The content we create does more than just look pretty — it drives a bottom-line impact.

You can kiss any shot at conversion goodbye, which also means no clear metrics on your return on investment (ROI). This shouldn’t deter you from developing a solid landing page video though.

However, you need to have some real objectives in mind for your new video; something more than brand awareness. Thankfully, you have several methods of using landing page videos to increase the number of qualified leads in your sales pipeline and reporting ROI.

What you need to do is make videos that count. This is achievable with the help of focused, measurable assets instead of random shots of video action.

How to Get Integration Right?

Check below to ensure the success of your next landing page video marketing campaign, and enjoy valuable conversions.

Based on your course of action and the nature of your campaign, you might want to hire a professional video host. They help you capture email addresses and add links to direct visitors to the next step in your sales pipeline. If you’ve covered all your bases, you can expect them to click on the video, rather than shut it down.

This is why during the planning stages for the video, you must identify the feeling you want your target consumers to remember, and then work on how best to integrate moments in your story that will generate such an emotional response.

You need to maintain a daily dashboard that automatically updates itself to showcase the latest metrics. When using this information, it’s easy to determine when organic reach attained its peak, and when and if you need to consider other approaches, like a paid promotion. Numerous promotional channels target your niche audience.

How To Make Your Videos More Efficient?

Suppose you already have a landing page video, but it doesn’t do much for your website. Do you still keep the video or do you rework it to fit your audience? Well, of course, you don’t remove the video. Videos increase the time a particular visitor stays on your page, giving sufficient time for your message to sink in. If your video features you or your staff, the trust quotient goes higher. Plus, it’s common sense – everybody prefers to watch something rather than read it. So that settles it – you retool your video. And how exactly do you do that? Well, read on to find out more.

  • Press Play vs. Autoplay – See Which Works: Autoplay is something that most marketers frown upon as it’s more of an interruption method, and can often annoy visitors enough to make them click the back button. However, it is also true that autoplay raises conversion rates. The final call is in your hands. You need to measure the impact of both press play and autoplay and see the kind of impression they have on your brand and conversion, respectively.
  • Short vs. Long: You should try using both short and long form videos to understand what exactly is required by your visitors. If you’re selling a particular product through your website, you might be required to conduct a comprehensive study. While some items warrant a long landing page video, others are better off with a short “commercial” style one.
  • Add Directional Cues: Your video must contain proper directional cues for visitors to fulfill your conversion goal. Such directional cues may take the form of either a verbal instruction or a physical action.
  • Presentation: A badly shot and poorly edited landing page video is not going to win you any favors from your customers. If you’re going to demo a product through your website, you should make an active effort to make it look and sound professional. Always record the screencast at the beginning, and then overlay the audio bits later on. The final video will sound a lot better. If you can, you might also try using an external microphone.
  • Reusing Content: Your landing page video may be added to social media channels. Of course, you’ll need to optimize it for SEO first. It’s true that videos are more likely to secure a higher rank on search engine rankings than text articles.

What Are The Advantages of Integrating Video Into Landing Pages?

Admit it – video landing pages look very cool, especially when they are done well and are produced to a high standard. However, their looks are not the only selling point. There are other advantages as well that traditional marketing counterparts just can’t hope to match.

  • Accessibility Options: A lot of businesses sell complex services and products. If you fall into that category, video landing pages are the perfect choice for you. They allow you to cover and explain large chunks of information in a short time. Your videos can walk a potential customer through the use of your service or product, highlight subtle nuances of the item more effectively and quickly than text, and even focus on the benefits of using your service or product in a more engaging, attractive manner.
  • Keeping Your Prospects Entertained: People might not realize it yet, but when you can keep your prospective customers happy, you have a higher shot at actually converting. The reason behind it? People respond more positively when it comes to emotional cues.

One of the biggest problems that you face when attempting to raise your conversion rates is actively engaging your audience. However, this is one area where videos excel admirably. If you manage to capture and sustain the attention of your audience, you won’t find it at all difficult to convert them. You can accomplish such a task either through the use of animation or through some other method, like sketch humor. In the end, video landing pages enable you to promote your products in exciting ways, and they’re a huge step up from old, boring text-based landing pages.

  • Videos Take on Other Roles: Most people positively respond when exposed to emotional cues. Similarly, a lot of your potential visitors are going to have a positive response to your videos that add genuine value and information to the overall experience. In case your landing page video is able to accomplish this and raise the total number of your conversions, it reinforces the overall value of your brand within the mind of your prospect. So, it’s a win-win for everybody involved in the process.

If you think your video’s not working well as it should be, feel free to reshoot or edit it as per your choice and then add it to your landing page. You can use tools like Viddedit for your mass video editing projects.

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